Art Little colorful stories Workshop

Art Little colorful stories Workshop
Classes begins tonight!
Workshop - $ 40
Please understand that it takes time to create my classes!
The Workshop is  $40 Reasonable and Affordable.
The workshop will be posted in my Blog - The itsy bitsy spill
Once you purchase the class you will be given a secret password!
Now I am currently working on video 2!  Friday June 12, 2020 at about 2 pm the second video will begin. I would love for you to begin with video 1 and video 3.
About Your classes!
Class - Video 1 - Poetry tea art mix media
: I will be teaching you how to apply stained little tea bags and deli paper to create little fun portraits. A fun technique with chalk acrylic paint with touches of tea herbs.
Class -Video 2 - Creating abstract colorful shapes with foam sheets, tea bags in oil monoprint or you can use acrylic.
: In this class I will be teaching you the simplicity of creating a series of 4 mini pages monoprints
 4 X 6. Use your creative freedom!
Class - video 3 - All in the mix! Foam sheet stamping monoprint and other fun techniques
: How to do fun figures! I will be teaching how deli paper is applied as a technique adding  acrylic to create patterns as well as texture. Also how to use foam sheets to create shapes. The fun of stamping and  monoprint  mix media.

Supplies you will need!
Canson mix media Paper 7 x 10
Brushes round and flat - Bristol brush
Chalk acrylic paints and if you don't have chalk use acrylic paints.
Deli paper, wax paper, recycled tea bags, parchment paper
wood knitting needle or a mechanical pencil
Elmers glue and Matte Mod Podge glue



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