Monday, May 5, 2008

Lisa Lisa!

This is my friend Lisa on the day Of the San Sebastian festival. A wonderful graphic artist from Atlanta Georgia.

Lady Lee Andrews at the poets passage

Lady Lee, is one of the best poets in Puerto Rico. She wrote the book called Love and several others. You can find her books at the Poets Passage in Old San Juan. Here she is taking a 20 min nap before she attends to her customers. I call her sleeping beauty.

My buddy Steve!

It was the celebration of San Sebastian. Here is Steve having a jolly time just relaxing.

This is Sammy, my baby!

He wanted me to take a picture of him. He's soooooo cute! His eyes are blue and yellow. He's my sweety pie.

This is me! I was feeling very inspired that day. I decided to take this picture of me. I felt like a lion. Hear me roaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!

Laying on green green grass!

I love this picture!. George Is laying on the grass enjoying the day in "El Moro" the fort in Old San Juan PR. Later on that day it started to rain but it was real nice.
" El Nacimiento" This particular piece is about starting new, to look at life in a different perspective. A fresh new start at life, Naked and Free!

Four women playing Salsa and dancing. It's called "Sentir" to feel the music. A mix media and collage piece.

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

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