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Art . Create . Happiness Workshop!

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About the workshop!
Artists - I'm happy to be to announce that my new fun class will begin on Sunday Feb 4, 2018
at 4pm it begins!
Once you have purchased, You will be given a secret password and directed here in my blog.
The workshop is $50
Time limit - non! You can view videos anytime you desire!
Art homework assignments will be given!

The classes will consist of three videos and a list of supplies you will need.

Before I begin to explain about the new class.  My older workshops won't be listed in my Etsy shop. But  you can always reach me if you like to enroll in one. You can email or reach me on facebook. It's a new year and with the new year comes new art challenges which will inspire you and teach you to use fun tools to play with and techniques you will learn.

In my recent works I painted abstract in mix media and use the pieces to cut them to create dresses for my characters. They are called wearing happiness. I have created a series of these pieces with a combination of graphite pencil and collage using watercolor graphite, pastel soft and oil, watercolor and color pencils.  I will teach you ways to create the magic using these tools.

Techniques 1 - The art tap dance Technique / Tap. Puff.  Poof
One of the techniques I have learned by experimenting, is using jumbo graphite mechanical pencil. A interesting and wonderful method! You can use this techniques in everything. One,  creating hair as well as in dresses and abstract pieces which are cut into shapes. It is a unique style and a lot of fun, and I will teach you how it is done!  And that is by holding it loosely by relaxing your wrist and fingers taping the graphite pencil on paper. I call it - The art tap dance Technique! A cool mark of match sticks with a puff at the end of it. We are going to be doing the tap the puff and poof

Technique 2 - Tapping into your own individual personal style
Is always in the eyes and movement - In flow. Swing . placement. Exaggeration, the Magic of your voice , the beauty of composition, and the use of color and white spaces. And venturing into the true magic-  called The playground of your  imagination

The Yes Yes and the No No's
Only you can get in the way - The self critic can stop you from achieving what you want. Be gentle with yourself. Do not listen to other people's judgments and negatives comments. Allow the new to come in and explore it. embrace your creative art journey. Be very bold about it. Use your Spiritual personal elements. Be patient and consistent. Learn to trust your creative intuition and believe that you can. Don't allow yourself to be discourage. Is okay to get Frustrated during your learning art process. It's allowed! But keep going don't stop. Learn to step back and come back with a power bam of inspiration and excitement. Trust your instincts and wait! Allow yourself to feel it all. Channel! Tape into your own magical inner world and stay there for a while and paint what you see.
Don't take other people's negative comments and judgment bring you down. Do not take it personally. Keep going! Understand that people are not going to always like the work and others will! Again don't take it personally and get discourage by it. Be genuinely yourself in your work. Nothing wrong with being influenced and admire by other artists work. Don't be afraid of new art challenges.

Colors- Clean . Fresh avoid Muddiness
Learning to stop, step back, and allowing you and the piece some breathing space.
let your eyes roam with a fresh perspective
Be consistent and practice plenty
Close the door behind - your time!
Art influences - Inspirational influences vs copying

Tap into your personal element and dive right in
Painting is not always about painting pretty pictures
Bring in the moods - The beauty in madness, ugliness, sorrow, joy, and the supernatural
Step into the other side
Mistakes will happen- Appreciate them. Mistakes comes with a rebirth of something new and excitement.
Discouragement - don't fight but flow and welcome the challenges
Bye Bye to your self critic - Be fearless and bold
simplicity and sensitivity
mystery and mood

Technique 3 - Wearing Happiness
Cut it. Rip it,  Tear it and paste it!
This method you will learn in this class is  to use your creative skills by designing your pieces with shapes, lines, doodles, mark and more. We will be using large watercolor paper to design your abstract elements in mix media and use them to do a few series of collages for your characters. We will be creating three paintings!

Art Supplies
2 sheets Watercolor paper 22 x 30 cold press 140lb
hot press watercolor paper
feathers small and medium
Canson mix media paper 9 x 12
color pencils
soft and oil pastels
watercolor pelikan cakes or tubes - choose your own vibrant watercolor set
HB graphite pencil
jumbo graphite pencil - you can get it at your local art store
scissors or exacto knife
UHU stic - Glue stick
watercolor brushes round small and medium
Matte board

If You have any questions - Contact Magaly Ohika -

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