Monday, November 5, 2012

Being Published feels so dam Good!

Published in Artful Blogging November issue 2013

I'm so happy to receive my magazine. It is a wonderful feeling to see your work being published. I love this magazine! When I lived in CT I would go driving to Avon CT to Barns and Nobles just so I can buy the magazine and wish to be published someday. And here it is!!!! I'm sooooooooooo happy about it! Thank you Stampington and Company. Thank you Jennifer Taylor Jackson 
Assistant Senior Managing Editor
Get your Copy and enjoy the wonderful Artists featured at Artful Blogging!
I'm going to read it now!

The Art Time Travel Workhop

An example - Here is a sketch about what we will be creating in this class
 The Art Time Travel Workshop
Circus - A self Portrait of myself in the 1940's wearing a funky whimsy costume holding a bird fish and a suitcase looking fish bowl with a big black hat with pink rabbit inside. Other images - Talking Sunflowers and tiny little birds with big eyes,  how fun!

The cost of  the class is $45
Go here to purchase for class!

Come Join me in this exciting class!

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

Art Little colorful stories Workshop Classes begins tonight! Workshop - $ 40 Please understand that it takes time to...