Thursday, July 12, 2012

There is always time for some Doodle fun!

Doodle Noodle Funnnnnn!!!
Doodle Noodle Fun
Piece done in thick dark black sharpie on multimedia 140lb cold press paper 15 x 20

Let's Doodle fun in August!!!!

Hello Everyone!

I'm excited for this new workshop coming soon in August . I have so much to fun things to share with you!
Come join me in The Artists Doodle Circle

Send me an email with your name at my email - 
I will sign you on my list. There are three students on my list.
I will be listing my workshop on Etsy on Wednesday of next week July 18, 2012. Workshop begins in August! More info about workshop this week right here. 

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

Art Little colorful stories Workshop Classes begins tonight! Workshop - $ 40 Please understand that it takes time to...