Monday, May 3, 2010


Good Morning Everyone! I have an announcement I'm published in Paper Cloth Scissors yah!!!
I'm so happy to be part of this wonderful magazine. Thank you Barbara!  Saturday when I was in the hospital feeling loopy cause I just had another surgery again yikes! My George comes in with a package hands it to me and I opened it up and there I was. I was so exited!!! The nurses came in pumping me up with more  morphine because the pain was so great. I totally forgot about the pain and felt I was in cloud 9 and all I saw was these smiles up close. I could not stop talking!  I was so proud of myself! I felt I was floating in the air. 
The magazine is wonderful, full of all lovely art from all these great artists and I'm a part of that group. Months ago I thought, how I wish to be part of this,  to show the world what I love what I do. And here I am!
Thank you Paper Cloth Scissors!!!

I want to also thanks all my bloggy friends right here on blogspot and on Facebook - many thanks and many kisses and many air hugs to you all for supporting me the way you do. You guys heal me each day with your warm sweet kind inspiring wisdom and blessings! 
love you all!
You all rock!!!

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