Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello Everyone!

This is another pouchy I created yesterday and is slightly bigger and whimsically colorful.
Done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas fabric and brown zipper. Size 11x11 11inches tall and 11inches wide
I really love enjoy making the lovely pouchies and for mother's day I will send my mother one and surprise her. 
I call this piece
Girls out on the town
 It seems I been gone for weeks. Any who, hello everyone! I'm back with more colorful goodies. It's been a busy week. Not only am I making 30 pouchies and paintings, I'm also curating an exhibit in the end of May. I wish you all could come an join me! I will be promoting the exhibit on facebook with directons on how to get here in case you guys decide to take the trip here. There will be 10 artists exhibiting their works from northwest CT, including myself at the Covered Bridge Gallery in West Cornwall. I exhibited two pieces last Saturday at the RE. Institute Gallery in Millerton with 20 other fabulous artists who exhibited their works there as well. It was beautiful! I can't believe I did not take pictures. I realized once I was 6 miles away from home, dam! Well, next time I'll make sure I take pictures for the May exhibit which will be called The ritual art show. We will have wine, music and a art pot lock, yum!

This piece is called
Free spirit!
 Done in the same medium acrylic and charcoal on canvas measuring 10x10
with blue zipper. I love colorful zippers, it adds more fun to the colorful pouch.
I'm learning to be more creative with my pouchies I have a few ideas in mind I want to add. That will be later!! I thought a night clutch with snaps, cute!!!!!!

Being your whimsical self having fun and life seems so much better when you don't take it so seriously. Too much chaos can shrink the little heart, too much worry can clutter your brain cells. So live a little free like everything else. When I look at my dog who is 9months old watching her play, be loved, eat, sleep and run run run like a crazy dog chasing after butterflies, I think how special how beautiful to see a creature who is so totally happy. And all she wants is to be loved and to be free. As for us, we just need to breathe and listen to the heart beat and smile! All the things I hear on the news which by the way is depressing. I stay away from the chaos and dive myself into what makes me smile and happy. I don't like TV! 

Soon to be pouchy here I wanted to show you how it's first created

I lay down my piece of canvas and start penciling in my image and then paint it's so much fun I tell you. Then once that is done, I have all the other piece ready to be sewn in. I need another sewing machine though. My machine has quite of a temper. She's old but works very well. Some she gets into a thread jam and it drives me nuts thank god it's not all the time. I might just keep her she is not that bad. I actually like the sewing machine. Why spend money yeah!
These series of Alice in wonderland was so much fun!! And all five were sold to a friend who commissioned me to do these into pouchies. A lot of work but was fun fun!! All original paintings on canvas with straps.

I just finished this painting this morning
Haiti rising!
Dedicated this piece for the children of Haiti!
done in acrylic and charcoal on bogus brown paper acid free,  great for dry mix media and acrylics.
I have not used this paper in a long time and decided once I was at the art store to buy it again. I love this paper. Great to work with!

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