Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Poem By Magaly Ohika
Painting in watercolor and ink on Indian watercolor paper 7 x 8

I new demonstration video on the new course today March 13, 2018
Sirens in waves under water Workshop
Stay tuned!

I see my light
but, it's away from me
distant in a fury
burning and angry
It's trying to make it's way towards me
but the wind blows against it
Come, I'm calling to you
can't live without you envelope me in your brilliance
into my heart that rest with me
I do deserve you
promise I won't deceive you
I won't betray you with words, I'm not enough
I'm crying a million tears
I'm trying, oh how I'm trying
My wounds are carved in deep
drowning a slow death
Hanging on to my last breath
Black intoxicating the internal flow of life
But wait, wait!
I see it, I feel it
My heart flutters
My light that defines my magic
I have buckets of colors to paint you in one single stroke
Ah Ah, I smile ever so happy
I feel warm
I feel alive
Light you made your way back to me, here, is where you belong
I will never, never again, be Afraid

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