Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to a whimsy Event!

This piece is done in acrylics gesso and charcoal on 149lb cold press watercolor paper mounted on a cradled with a baltic birch face
Piece called
'' Going to a whimsy event ''

Love love!!

Now, I haven't been blogging all last week.
I been so busy with work - painting, organizing, speaking to my doctor, talking to a fertility specialist, going to the hospital and getting it together for an art show coming up. I will be posting more lovely work this week. After my appointment today I went to the art store and got some art goodies. I'm soooooo excited!!
Here's a wonderful piece I finished and I am simply in love with it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A kind of day of the unexpected!

These five new pieces are done in acrylic, gesso, collage on 140lb cold press watercolor paper

First one called - Surprised kind of day

Second one called- Mmmmm! kind of day

Third one called- feeling beautiful kind of day

Fourth one called- An, oh Wow! kind of day

fifth one called- A moody kind of day


I'm sad to say my 20x20 piece of live in love, in faith and in joy will not be purchased by buyer- So I'm happy to mention that it will be for sale!!
She loved it and thought it was lovely!! just got into some money issues which I understand but the good news that it will be on sale.

A commission piece - On sale at Etsy shop!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Live in love, in joy and in Faith!

Live in love, in joy and in faith!
I just finished a commission piece and I have two more to go.
I love this piece! It is a handmade wood box measuring 20x20 and 4inches deep.
Painting done in mix media- collage, acrylic and gesso

Here you see it from this distance measuring 20x20

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Whimsy Twist!

If I were to paint my face peach, I'd feel shy
If I were to paint my soul blue, I'd feel sad
If I were to paint my heart gold bronze, I'd feel beauty
And if I were to paint it black, I'd feel empty
If I were to paint my sight specks of silver, I'd feel the stars
If I were to paint my head yellow, I'd feel the sun
If I were to paint my womb white, I'd feel the moon
If I were to paint my feet brown, I'd feel the rich soil
If I were to paint mud, I'd feel confused
If I were to paint my smile magenta, I'd feel delirious
If I were to paint my mind green, I'd feel blossom
If I were to paint an outline of myself in silhouette, I'd feel invisible
If I were to paint my cheeks pink, I'd feel kisses MUA!
If I were to paint my roots orange, I'd feel culture
If I were to paint my hands glitter, I'd feel magic
So if I paint myself in all these colors, I'd feel what?
I'd feel balance and happiness!!
And why?
Colors represent exactly who I am...a piece of art!

Magaly Ohika

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My itsy bitsy Accordion handmade books!

These itsy bitsy Accordion books are handmade by me. And let me tell you! After I was done creating my My two accordion children's books in color, I decided I wanted to make more. This time, for artists! Artists who can fill these pages with color, images and writings. Inside each book carries 6 to 7 pages 100% rag white paper great for mix media- acrylic gesso and ink and more. The cover is done in heavy thick card board glued in rough brown paper and decorative paper as well. As you can see, they are itsy bitsy measuring 3x3 and 3x4. I was thinking working in a larger size and more pages added. I will be selling these babies on ETSY
So take a look!

The bird king sends a message!

Done in acrylic gesso and charcoal on 140lb cold press watercolor paper

The sweet stroll back home!

Done in acrylic gesso charcoal on 140lb cold press watercolor paper- 9x12

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty of freedom and curious eyes of wonder

done in acrylic on 140lb cold press watercolor paper- 9x12

This piece is not on wood When I take a break to have coffee, I love to sit in the direction where I can see all the trees and hear the sounds of birds displaying play, song and their freedom to fly anywhere they want. It makes me wonder what it would feel like to have wings and fly as high as you can and the freedom to explore new adventure else where without taking an airplane.

My Accordion children's books

Trickle trickle
Here comes the rain, just another beautiful day.
A morning for coffee with toast and Jam.
Meow meow, here comes my cat Sam.
He clamors up a screech for a fish and chicken toast treat
and I boil two eggs for me to eat.

A morning to shower to start my day.
Sun in hiding
rain rain rain

Is dark and gloomy
I hear some birds sing
I gather my Brushes
and organize my things

A day to paint and make a colorful mess
I feel my angels sitting by my desk

A morning for fun
I gather up my books
What else can I add
I think, I'm done

They're colorful and small with pretty pictures and all.....
for your eyes to see
Accordion books made by me

They're wacky, they're fun
would you like one
I have more, I'll make some
A beautiful gift for you or for the one you love.

So come take a look
A whimsical dream to tantalize you.

My Accordion children's books

The cover of my Second Accordion children's book.
Done in acrylic on watercolor paper
Called -Love the one you with and those around you!
It was fun making these books and I want to make more of them. These books are great as gifts for someone you love or even for yourself. I think I will make one for me too.

The inside of my book - full of beautiful bright colors

This is what it looks like in my hands- My second Accordion children's book

Back cover
My first Accordion children's book!

Dream a little dream for me
Book Cover
This is my first itsy accordion children's book
With no words added. I thought it would be nice for someone else to invent the story as they turn the page.

A thief of dreams
First page

The oodle doodle whimsy circus act
Second page

The King, the Queen and the orange cat
Third and last page

Monday, August 10, 2009

The itsy bitsy sale!!!

Hello everyone!!

Hope you had a great weekend! Do you know how fast summer is going, it's almost fall. I can't believe it. Time is flying by, especially when you're having fun creating

My weekend I've been working on some new ideas for my shop.
I designed my own handmade accordian book full of colorful paintings and It is a lot of fun to do.

The Accordion children's book
I will surprise you this week with yummy whimsical fun!

Now, new news news!!
I reduced my prices in my Etsy shop. And I will have plenty more to come with great prices!! So take a browse!
And have fun! and also I take in commissions!! if anyone wants a special painting, you can convo me and I would be so happy to do a painting for you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The age of innocence

Done in acrylic gesso and charcoal on rough bogus brown paper- 9x24 mounted on white back drop

The age of innocence

I missed painting these guys....the whimsical look, the big quirky eyes, and the colorful shades of joy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

In lovely company

Done in acrylic gesso charcoal on 9x12 rough bogus brown paper on white back drop

In lovely company!

Another wonderful piece I created!
I'm loving the colors I'm using lately.
love love love !

Mother nature

Mother nature!

Mother nature seems to be a bit temper mental this summer! I tell you the weeping hasn't stop. But, I actually like it. I like to think she's washing away all the sorrows and impurities of the earth. Though some flowers aren't doing so well. They all seem to be a bit choked up by the amount of water they're getting. My fushia, my fushia has been so sad. All her petals are dying, well it could be that I move her so much so she can get the best shade but it isn't working. I miss the humming bird coming by. The mosquito's around here are having a blast sucking away and I'm all bitten. You should see my arm! It's awful. Oh and my legs! Not only that, I went to the pool to learn how to swim and maybe considering taking a swim at the lake. Well yesterday afternoon the swimming was a bit funny. while I was learning a horse fly started to attack me and like a little girl I get out of the pool and start running for my life, the little bastard! Can I have a day of peace without the pesty insects wanting a bite of me, DAM IT!! Same thing going for a walk in the woods as if they know I'm coming laughing how ridiculous I am, ha! The neighbors think I might be out of my mind watching this woman running like mad on the dirt road. Anyways enough about that. How is everyone doing? creating and having fun! Oh yes, I will be doing that today. I need paper. I'm going to my favorite art store. I hope the have the paper I need. The last time I went they did not have any and I was sad but instead I got more paint yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully today will be the day......PAPER.

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