Monday, May 25, 2009


done in gouache, charcoal, gesso, kraft paper on wood
protected in fixative
How many people you know who are not willing to feel? I do. I use to think that Life would be better if I did not feel a thing. To be cold, distant, no emotion what's so ever. That way, I don't have to feel the pain, the hurt but I say it's all necessary to feel, how else can we enjoy, grow and learn. Lessons are pretty sweet. I think. I would not change a thing about my experiences that cause me pain. I learn a great deal about myself and what I wanted and did not want in my life.
To be able to feel the sweet pain and know that there is something good it wants to deliver. I must say certain pain is hard to let go but I think the universe has the magic to help you bring yourself back again, to heal, to be able to take it, cry it out, feel the pain, to feel angry, and find self love and power again.
When I felt pain it felt like an eternity that was because I wasn't willing to accept it, it dragged so long, thinking it was all a dam trick, but I was the one tricking myself. Ooh, the sweet pain that knocks you down yet rises you up at the same time forcing you to see the big Picture. Either you die in self pity or feel it, recognize it for what it is and built the strength to move forward. An eye opener to something completely grand and delightful. Ooh, sweet sweet life, my life, your life. How precious every moment you breath and feel.

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