The Beauty of sketching Blythe and other dolls in a minimalist style Workshop

 The beauty of sketching Blythe and other dolls in a minimalist style Workshop!
There are 3 videos 

Want to learn how to draw dolls? You are in the right class! The workshop will show you how to draw Blythe and other dolls in the most beautiful simplest way.
You will learn to draw the doll's head as well as the eyes, nose, lips, and hair in different shapes and form. The approach of this lesson is to create your character in a minimalist style. You will also learn to give your character expression, creating hair styles using thick and thin lines to add contrast body and motion - short hair, long hair and wavy hair to other styles you enjoy. Simplifying your character with pencil and color without filling the open spaces around her busy. Your main focus is to learn how to draw your character in a loose sketchy approach, which you will discover in time how natural it will be for you to draw your doll.  That is why practicing is important. You will practice by drawing on tracing paper. The reason for practicing on tracing paper is so you can see your sketch and change some minor things. For example! When you begin to draw the head of your doll and see that the cheek on one side is much larger then the other, you can easily change that by choosing the side you want. Once you have decided, take the original sketch place another piece of tracing paper on top and draw the side of head. You can also use a light box or if you have a glass table you can place a lamp underneath this works well. 

Hope I have not confused you! You can always reach me if you have questions. Also I want to mention that you will learn to do shading, blends of dark and light touches and shadows and head poses. 

In my videos you will hear me repeat myself and make some minor mistakes, so I apologize for that. I get nervous when I'm video shooting. 

Art supplies to get!
Tracing paper 8 x 11
Drawing paper same size
color pencils
pencil HB
liquidtex ink or watercolor
watercolor paper cold press 140
tea and coffee stain liquid
Pigma micron ink pen

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