Monday, September 20, 2010

Land patches to wear in the fall!

My Itsy Bitsy Fiber Bracelet cuffs!
Lately My computer has not been working properly and wasn't able to list my goodies on Etsy. But now with George's touch and brilliance at computers, he was able to fix it. And so here I am yet again with lovely things to show you. Again I have not been painting due to artist's block. I decided while I take a break from painting   and I will use my creativity in other ways. I love sewing and love working with colorful fabric and felt. The other day I went to a yarn shop in Millerton NY called Twisted love the name. I went in and bought wool yarn and some really cool buttons. Here is a photo of what I been creating lately with wool fabric, felt , decorative fabric and buttons. I love abstract! These bracelets remind me of road maps, land patches of colorful fields. And you can wear these colorful  landscape fiber bracelets beautifully around your wrist. These are so earthy reminding me of fall my favorite season. I will be back soon very soon with some paintings. But for now I will show you more goodie stuff I been enjoying and I'm very inspired and excited.

This is a very unusual piece of work. It is called the itsy bitsy flip clutch made out of 100% wool fabric, pieces of decorative fabric and felt. I was inspired by a friend of mine named Hagar Arnon Elbaz earrings I have purchased, a new comer to bloggy land. I would love for you all to welcome her. She is awesome! You can also find her on Etsy, her shop is called Gilgulim. Her Blog is Take a look! She is wonderful, I love her work!

Hagar Arnon Elbaz

 This another new clutch made out 100% Quality wool fabric from a friend who owns a yarn shop in Kent CT. I also used felt, needle felt work and embroidery.

This clutch is beautiful for it's simplicity!
made out fleece and  felt. I will be making more but with straps!

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