Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Hello again everyone! 
Summer is here. This weekend was absolutely beautiful!! Loved it. I took some time out to hang out with friends and had Cuban summer Mojitos. I did sketched some ideas. I can't help myself. Ideas just keep coming and if I don't sketch them down I would never get them back.
Today I created another pouchy but larger. I wanted to add straps but that did not work very well but for my next one for sure!!! It is a beautiful pouchy or bag without straps. It is done in acrylic on canvas fabric and added this thick brown fabric to give it that earthy look. I can't believe I forgot the name of that fabric darn! 
Size of bag 14 x15  14inches tall and 15inches wide.
This pouch is called

May we fly with you!

The piece below is done on Canson cold press watercolor paper mounted on wood panel done in acrylic and charcoal size 7x7

It is called
She was born to fly!

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