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Happy Colorful Messes!

Had such a fun time creating this video with George!
The itsy bitsy spill free form art funnnnnn!
Class we will be learning more on watercolor and Acrylic step by step soon!
Get Ready!

                     Magaly Ohika's Freeform Art Class Introduction from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo

Free Form Inspiration and preparation

I do not expect you all to be perfect. Allow yourself to make mistakes and make pretty messes.
Relax and flow while you do this. Allow yourself to explore and venture by loosening yourself enough to get you into a comfortable rhythm. When I begin to create a piece I usually turn on music to ease my creative process. 

If music helps you relax and enjoy, by all means, go ahead! As you go ahead learning about free form you will discover something completely new but it all depends how open you are to it. It may take some time and that's quite alright. Everyone's different and unique in they're own way. Self expression will be your playground of discovery. Be open to it. You have nothing to loose but gain more creative juices.

Magaly Ohika's Freeform Class from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.
Student Bobbi asked - is the purpose of not lifting the pencil is to keep you moving and flowing instead of getting stuck?  The answer is yes!
First piece is an exercise that will help you relax and keep you at a rhythm. The reason for your second piece so you can choose which piece calls out to you personally.

Week 1 - Free form Video

 A demonstration about free form. Its about your ideas and images, forming them into lines and shapes. I will show you how that's done on Video. You will be given a password. I ask that you do not share it with anyone. Thank you.  In my video, I will have you begin by holding your graphite pencil comfortably. It helps you take control of your pencil allowing your hands and fingers to relax and work freely through out your page. If you want a border around your image add masking tape to your corners to create the border you want. Im leaving that up to you. With or without a border is fine.

 In my video you will learn to hold the pencil drawing your lines and shapes without lifting your hands. Remember there are no mistakes. Mistakes are beautiful ! Continue to practice. If you find yourself lifting the pencil, it's okay. 

If you feel you need more practice, watch the video. During this first week you will have two line work drawings. Keep them!

Untitled from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Free Style Video

You will choose from the two drawings that call out to you the most. The line drawing you choose will be the piece you will be working with in free style approach for your next watercolor sheet. Take another sheet of watercolor paper and draw lightly your free style sketch from your previous free form drawing. Applying your unique self by visually refining your doodles bringing them to life in your own way. You have until Friday, February 10th to finish refining your piece. Get funky! If you wish to watch the video again, watch the video

Part 1- Free Flow Watercolor Mix Media

Part 2- Free Flow Watercolor Mix Media


  1. Where is your information on your blog about this class, supplies etc.

  2. Hi Magali, Can I cover my watercolor paper with gesso before painting.

  3. Hi:

    I love your blog. I love on line classes. I am a beginner and was wondering which one of your classes I should take first.


    1. Hi Judy,

      Nice to meet you hon! The workshop I always suggest is the first one called Free form. Take a look read info and when you are ready go to my esty shop


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