Monday, April 23, 2012

Another great fun way to draw. Just get behind your sewing machine and play with your darning foot and have fun with free motion stitch work. Inspired by Cathy Cullis. For those who do not know her work, please go visit her blog. She's an inspiration and I have purchased a few of her pieces. Her pieces are delightful and so eloquently beautiful. I wanted to learn how to draw and happy I ordered this cool tool!

Stitches come to life!
This is a new piece I was working on just the other night with a new free motion darning foot I had 
ordered on Etsy. And I love it. It takes practice and it's a lot of fun! This is my second try.
These new pieces are now listed on my Etsy shop!

This was my first try using a darning foot with my sewing machine. Not bad!
Once you get the hang of it it's a hell of a lot of fun I tell you. It takes a lot of patience!

These beautiful pieces are a continuation of the first series Doodle groovy fun!
The pieces are a lot of fun to do. I simply just adore them!

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