Art . Create . Happiness Workshop Videos

The Art Tap Dance Technique
Video 1

Now While I finish up videos 2 and 3
completed and up for tomorrow Monday!
In the mean time Learn how the technique of Tap dance with your graphite pencil

Bring out Your magic

Only you can get in the way - The self critic can stop you from achieving what you want. Be gentle with yourself. Do not listen to other people's judgments and negatives comments. Allow the new to come in and explore it. embrace your creative art journey. Be very bold about it. Use your Spiritual personal elements. Be patient and consistent. Learn to trust your creative intuition and believe that you can. Don't allow yourself to be discourage. Is okay to get Frustrated during your learning art process. It's allowed! But keep going don't stop. Learn to step back and come back with a power bam of inspiration and excitement. Trust your instincts and wait! Allow yourself to feel it all. Channel! Tape into your own magical inner world and stay there for a while and paint what you see.
Don't take other people's negative comments and judgment bring you down. Do not take it personally. Keep going! Understand that people are not going to always like the work and others will! Again don't take it personally and get discourage by it. Be genuinely yourself in your work. Nothing wrong with being influenced and admire by other artists work. Don't be afraid of new art challenges.

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