Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Art Time Travel Workshop

Workshop begins November 14 – ends Dec 12, 2012 Four Videos

Students who participate in assignments will get an original piece and a print from me.

Want to Art space travel in time. Explore your worlds , your dreams with adventure and creative fun.
Be who you are by drawing what you love. Creating daily will eventually begin to have a unique style to it.  And your unique style will set you apart from other artists. Take your fun personality and sensibilities into a daily drawing routine. Allow your work to reflect who you are. Discovering your style is to continue refining it through trial and error. .

Draw what you feel and what you see and make it into a whimsical adventure!
This workshop is about creating fun Self Portrait in four different forms!

Video-  1  Animal - fox, Rabbit or cat,
Choose an animal representing you.
Example: I have Rabbit ears walking my fish across the street while I eat cotton candy.
I will be showing how to create a self - portrait in pencil and acrylic using fun images.
This will be a symbolic piece done on 11 x 15 watercolor paper cold press.
Be playful!

Video 2 – Late 1800’s
We will be drawing a self - portrait using acrylic, charcoal and acrylic.
Be fun and imaginative
Example, I’m dressed in a Victorian dress  reading a book of poems sitting on a pink pig

Video 3 – Circus –
Who are you in the circus, what do you do.  
Are you the opera singer.
The magician, A fairy with wings on a swing or a giant colorful butter fly on stilts eating a lollipop.

Video 4 -  Under the sea
Example:  I’m a mermaid seated in a shell with a school of fish necklace around my neck eating ice- cream

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