Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Whimsical play of childhood and innocence!

These beauties are done in gouache gesso charcoal on 140lb 4x5 watercolor paper

Whimsical play of childhood and innocence

I had so much fun creating these little guys. I love them!
I love painting portraits of people and children. There's so much beauty in gestures, movement and face expressions that fascinates me.

Yesterday I had one of those days where everything just flopped everything went wrong. First my computer did not want to corporate, my friend betrayed me, that was painful, my Insurance does not cover seeing a fertility specialist, two paintings came out like crap, the gallery owner changed his address and number so I can't contact him or get my paintings out of his gallery, my paintings are in Porto Rico. Just one of those dam days!! I wanted to scream but didn't, I wanted to get sooo angry but I did not allow myself, I wanted to cry but I won't. I just sat there thinking, trying to contain my emotions. I couldn't anymore so I just wrote a letter to myself. What lingered most in my mind was my friend who I love betraying me the way she did. So I cried about that. The rest well, I thought I will find a way but first I need to take care of myself and that is to be kind to myself, no matter what else life tends to throw at me.

Today, how do I feel? real good, it's another day. As far as my friend, I wish her the best and I will always remember her. When you are far away people change and I need to accept that.

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