Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome lovely art bloggers. I have news news, ooh so lovely news!

I've been so busy with art. I will be to posting on Etsy shop soon. And I'm very thrill to be part of the Etsy shop world with all the lovely fabulous artists. I went on a shopping art spree today. I just love going for art supplies. I just want to buy everything. I'm in love, such a beautiful thing to be an artist, to see the imagination take form into lovely art on paper for the world to see. To smudge your fingers in paint, to dance, to sing, to play with your cat or your dog or your pink piggy. I want a baby pig. Gush, I live in the country and I want a pig! Oh, well maybe someday. My fluffy cat won't be so happy. He's sleeping right now. It's refreshing to know that have Internet now, sooo happy about that. I will be posting more lovely art soon in the next two days and next week. I will keep you all informed to when I will be posting selling on Etsy shop. Well, I have to go now and attend to my art supplies. Goodbye! till next time lovely art bloggers. Create create and love!!

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