Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art, believe, trust and love

Trust your wings. Trust, yourself!
This beautiful piece is done in ink, acrylic and graphite pencil on stonehenge paper 6.5 x 7
Trust yourself trust your wings and fly high. The other night I had a dream I was flying in the sky. And as I was flying suddenly I became scared and my fear slowed me down. I found myself falling fast and I closed my eyes and said, I'm not afraid, i'm not afraid. And I flew and flew as high as I could and I felt safe. The dream ended when I saw myself flying with a smile in my face, the end!

You have me in poetry
A very charming beautiful bracelet featuring stones, glass beads, wood, charms and a poetry notebook
The bracelet is crochet in wax tan color cotton cord. The size of bracelet is 9inches long

Done in ink acrylic and graphite on stonehenge paper size 8 x8
I had to make a decision a few weeks ago about a friend who I care about. It was very hard for me to let her go. Friendship to me is very important and sometimes we forget how important real friends are, that unfortunately, we take them for granted.  Sometimes we can be blinded by our own insecurities, even jeolousy about someones else ruining the bond between you because you are unhappy. If only she knew that I too suffer from things just like everybody else. That my life isn't perfect. Even if it seems like it is. But I say this  I try to better myself everyday with love, understanding and believing in myself and sharing that goodness in my art to the world. If only she knew how beautiful I see her! 
I miss her!
Oopsy Woopsy Daisy Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is crochet in wax cotton cord featuring PR carved wood frogs, wood fish and colorful beads. Size of bracelet is 8inches

Follow your intuition!
There was a time long ago when I did not follow my intuition and got myself in trouble. Now I follow my intuition about friends about business about everything! Trust your instincts! I'm still learning!!!

This piece is a done in ink acrylic on stonehenge paper size of piece is 6 x 7.5

Bell's good fortune is harmony
This beautiful bracelet is crochet in tan wax cotton cord featuring stones, colorful beads and glass beads, wood and bells. Size 8inches long

Not afraid to feel!
Being afraid to feel is a pretty shitty way to deal. No matter how difficult issues might be, never escape. Confront, no fear and don't be afraid to feel. Feel it and let it go!  
A whimsy twist bracelet
This lovely bracelet makes you want to have fun! Come on baby, let's do the twist! 
The bracelet is done in wax cotton cord featuring glass beads. size of bracelet is 8inches long

Trust necklace
This lovely necklace is crochet in thin nylon cord featuring colorful bead stones and copper bells with small pendant featuring trust!
Size of necklace is 18 inches long

Cheer Cheer, to life!
This whimsical and fun bracelet is handmade in nylon cord featuring beautiful glass beads, stones and lucky charms with clasps at the end. The bracelet length 8.5inches long.

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