Saturday, October 10, 2009

All in a state of mind series

All in a state of mind series
These pieces are done in collage mix media -7x8
on watercolor paper

In a state of peace!

In a state of giving!

State of the Art!

We're in a state of love!

Las muchachas de no condiciones y reglas -The girls without conditions and rules!
We live doing what we want and being happy knowing that we can. This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal- 100%Rag white paper- 18x24

A departure from reality part 2- done in acrylic mix media-12x12
On wood panel

Dancing in the abstract world!
Done in acrylic mix media on canvas- 12x12

New Workshop Creative Monoprinting

Welcome to Creative Monoprinting Instructor Magaly Ohika Class is $ 20 There will be 5 videos! You will be given a password and...