Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm off to the studio, see ya later!

Here I have six beautiful colorful pendants done in wool flat felt. Some in handmade paper and decorative fabric. Featuring velvet and leather cord.

Thank you for leaving warm loving comments in my last post. I feel more relax enjoying the fun that goes on in the studio painting like crazy. I'm creating new pieces that will soon be listed. The holidays are approaching and soon it will be Christmas already. But let's not think about that cause I love love Thanksgiving for the gathering of friends and family, giving thanks and homemade thanksgiving dinner, yum! I wish my mother would come but she is far away across sea. I miss her greatly!!! I spoke to her today and talked for a while. Funny thing is, talking to her feels as if she's real near and it makes me happy. I would love to see her face and eat her cooking. She is a fabulous cook! Cooking is like art. What I do is,  turn up the music a bit and start preparing dinner. Today I had an everything bagel with hummus but what I do is boil a few eggs and toast my bagel. Once that's done I add spicy hummus some slices of boil egg, avocado, slices of red onions, one slice of tomato, a sleeve of cucumber and my favorite mango chutney but I usually add that with the hummus at first. You wonder how do I keep it from falling off the bagel? Sometimes it does when I pile too much but once you cut an amount of everything right it stays put and it's delicious!!!!!!!
Try it one day!

A whimsy spread
Here I have another piece done in wool fabric, flat felt and decorative fabric
stitch to Vincent Rossini hand made watercolor paper 8 x10


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