Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheer cheer to friendship and creativity

Cheer Cheer to Friendship and Creativity!!!
I love this pouch!
The nature of friends requires a blend of love, true, laughter and compassion
Good Morning!
What a weekend, rain rain. Hopefully today we get some sunshine. I miss the sun!
How was your weekend? Did you all have fun creating cool goodies. I stayed in most of the time and took time on Saturday to go for a walk with my hubby and his family in the field. My puppy who is absolutely fearless jumped in the pond and swamp across like a champ. It was so beautiful to see how much fun she enjoys swimming and running. I just love watching her. She could not stop running, by the time she got home she climbed on the couch and went to sleep. And I, made a mean breakfast, I was so hungry. 
Then I started to doodling away some ideas on paper and created another pouch actually two but I will show you one for now. 
It's Monday a start of a brand new day to do fun things!! And I think the sun is peeking after all.
Enjoy and a big kiss for you all

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