Monday, May 24, 2010

More ink paintings!

It's the beginning of the week, Monday yikes! The art  show is this coming weekend busy busy week preparing for it, it's exciting! 
How are you guys! Hope you had a nice weekend! I want to let you know that I apologies for not visiting some of your blogs, know that I appreciate all your lovely comments and also know I been so busy trying to get things done. But I will get to your blogs eventually. I have not forgotten about you.
This is one of my pieces for the show!
I'm in love with my ink paintings very much! 
So I wanted to give you another peek on two of my new pieces for the show.
This one is called
The Journey

This one is quite out there which I simply love love!!! And it's called 
The naked Conversation
Also done in pen and ink on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 11x15 with border around the image and will be sewn into canvas fabric.
I am working on another piece today similar to this piece but larger. I can feel myself growing each day as an artist. I love where I'm heading and it feels great!

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