Friday, July 24, 2009

Expressing love public

Done in acrylic gesso pencil on 24x36 watercolor paper

Expressing love in public

There were many times, moments when I saw couples expressing love to each other, in parks, walking, in restaurants, in the subway, on a bench. I mean it goes on and it's such a lovely sight. To see such great affection. What I love the most is when I see old folks loving each other holding hands, smiling at each other. Those moments took place in the park, in central park when I lived in New York years back.

When I hear people say they don't care much about falling in love what they mean they are afraid of the pain that sometimes come with it. So they rather be alone then loving and sharing with someone. But at night, alone in the dark you secretly weep wanting so much to be loved by someone but you lie to yourself convincing that love is such a waste of emotional time because of the fear of abandonment, fear of loss among other things we so called fear. How can you miss out on the power of love when it's right. love is everything, love can change your life.

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