Monday, July 27, 2009

Cuando nos sentimos libre, el mundo brilla en mil colores!

Done in acrylic gesso charcoal on rough brown paper on 9x12 wood block

'' Cuando nos sentimos libre, el mundo brilla en mil colores ''
when we Feel free, the world shines with millions of colors

When I started drawing this piece I fell in love with the direction it was leading. It's quite different from all the paintings I've done so far and I'm happy with it. I feel that each time I dare myself to explore, the lines guides me where I want to go and the process of it is quite beautiful. Having fun with colors and shapes.

I'm an artist
I'm a woman
I'm also a child
She is my supporter
Because when I paint,
she fills me with dreams
creating a world of
magic and exploration
and that makes me happy

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