Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another painting arrived!

Here's is a painting done by another talented soulful great artist Mystele at the Little Glimpses Studio. I was so excited to receive my packages today. I felt like a little girl. I was so waiting for this weekend. And here they are. And they are absolutely beautiful.  Check out her work at the Little Glimpses studio posted here on blog love.  Mystele thank you!!

My Beluga is here!

Hello, I want to introduce the Beluga done from a lovely artist named Tara from  A Speckle Of Twisted Whimsy. She arrived today and she's lovely!! Tara does amazing work full of bright colors and play. Check out her beautiful blog!!  She's an awesome artist!  Thank you Tara!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Honey where my heart burns and rest!

Done in gouache gesso charcoal on kraft paper protected with fixative
I love this paper!! It's great for gouache and gesso, love the rough grain!
This piece is called honey where my heart burns and rest, a blues song that I wrote last night drinking my tea. I was sitting outside inspired by the night and how peaceful it felt. I felt so much love sweetness in my heart and felt the wind caress my hair.

Throw your hands in the air and wave them like you don't care!

Done in gouache, gesso, charcoal, kraft paper protected with fixative
That's right people, throw your hands in the air and wave them like you don't care. Means don't be embarrassed and wave them up high.
I was listening to the radio this morning and heard a song with these lyrics
and thought, my god! I remember back in the day when I danced to this hip hop song by Sugar hill Gang. It was a nice Memory!
Let's see how it goes.
I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hop, a you don't stop, to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of boogie the beat!
It's catchy!
The years go by so quick, yikes! I love all kinds of music but my favorite, is blues! Second favorite music from Spain El Flamenco. Must Listen to Concha Buika. She's incredible!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No more sorrow

This piece is done in gouache, gesso, charcoal, kraft paper on wood block
protected by fixative

I adore her. Just finished her today. No more sorrow the piece is called.  Life has a way in making things right but it is up to you to trust that it will and have the strength and the power of faith guide you.

Had troubled with the computer. The computer and I weren't getting along. My morning started beautifully but towards the afternoon I got grumpy and overwhelmed making phone calls to set an appointment for surgery. I'm a bit scared. Never had surgery before. The nurse wasn't pleasant, not kind or helpful.l She was a bit condescending which I couldn't understand why. She was suppose to refer me to an GYN ONCOLOGIST specialist but found out he did not accept my kind of insurance. I felt drained by the end of the day making calls to find a Doctor who can provide me with the care I need. I felt I was given the run around. She said as she read my medical chart " No big deal " My Doctor said it is urgent that I see a specialist to take care of it right away. And told me I should speak to the woman at the desk about getting the right one but she was rude busy trying to go for her lunch break. Enough of this venting. I needed to express myself. 

Check out my mini itsy bitsy blocks!!

All my mini blocks are done in gouache, gesso, pencil, Kraft paper on Spanish cedar wood block 
size 2x2 protected by fixative
This one in particular is mounted on another piece of cedar block.
Mini blocks on Etsy shop!!
Take a look!
They're absolutely fun! 

My cute mini block

2x2- in gouache gesso pencil kraft paper on Spanish cedar wood block

Mini itsy bitsy blocks!

                   Done in gouache, gesso, pencil, kraft paper on mini Spanish cedar wood block

Monday, May 25, 2009


done in gouache, charcoal, gesso, kraft paper on wood
protected in fixative
How many people you know who are not willing to feel? I do. I use to think that Life would be better if I did not feel a thing. To be cold, distant, no emotion what's so ever. That way, I don't have to feel the pain, the hurt but I say it's all necessary to feel, how else can we enjoy, grow and learn. Lessons are pretty sweet. I think. I would not change a thing about my experiences that cause me pain. I learn a great deal about myself and what I wanted and did not want in my life.
To be able to feel the sweet pain and know that there is something good it wants to deliver. I must say certain pain is hard to let go but I think the universe has the magic to help you bring yourself back again, to heal, to be able to take it, cry it out, feel the pain, to feel angry, and find self love and power again.
When I felt pain it felt like an eternity that was because I wasn't willing to accept it, it dragged so long, thinking it was all a dam trick, but I was the one tricking myself. Ooh, the sweet pain that knocks you down yet rises you up at the same time forcing you to see the big Picture. Either you die in self pity or feel it, recognize it for what it is and built the strength to move forward. An eye opener to something completely grand and delightful. Ooh, sweet sweet life, my life, your life. How precious every moment you breath and feel.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm perfect just the way I am!

done in gouache, gesso, charcoal, kraft paper on wood block
protected by fixative

Now this Is a sentimental piece for me and I'll tell you why. Actually they all are but this one especially gets to me in ways to memories. The title coveys an important message that I would love to share with you. There were times in my life when I was told that I should change this and change that. Nose to big, too voluptuous, too thin, to blump, need to loose weight or you should be a Doctor teacher or I should not behave child like (goofy) too funny or I should paint this way or talk that way. I mean it went on and on by people who I loved  and were close to me.  I'm too sweet to kind, I must be tougher, I shouldn't cry or show too much emotion. MY GOD, SHUT UP ALREADY, DAM YOU. I'm PERFECT JUST THE WAY I AM! 
After a while you think who are these people who I love and accept them for who they are in all their imperfections. Telling me I needed to change all of me. After a while I ended up believing them. That there was something about me I needed to change, to be better for them. I was young  and naive, wanting so much to be loved and find approval. Ooh I was so wrong for believing such rubbish crap! A few years later I encountered a friend and I was afraid to be myself, worrying that being myself would not be enough. I would distant myself from this friend. And he asked me, what was wrong when he did see me? why the distance and pretending. It killed me in inside. He was such a wonderful person like a big brother who was very kind to me but I was afraid. Again, in my mind I thought he had a hidden agenda. But he did not. I became insecure. One day I decided I wanted to talk about how I felt and I did. He was supportive and very attentive. I cried and let myself go. I felt dam good to release such garbage. I wanted myself back, to feel, to be the person I am meant to be. And if I wanted to change something I thought needed changing to become a better person, that's my choice and decision. I became aware, more open, I found myself again. I was loving all of me. I felt in tune with life and nature. I was dancing in sweet bliss. I felt alive! And I said, no more toxic people in my life telling me how to be or how to live. And if anyone doesn't like it, oh well, here's to me and those who are comfortable in their own skin and not afraid of being who they are reguardless what anybody says.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

To dream

Done in gouache, gesso, charcoal, kraft paper on wood block
protected with fixative
To dream!

Wanna play!

done in gouache, gesso, charcoal, kraft paper on wood block
protected by fixative
I 'm just having lots of fun with these paintings. Love them! All the whimsical colors greeting each other magically. I wanted to name it Wanna play! I was, playing and dancing in tune with the image. To let myself dive in all wacky like and turn it into something absolutely beautiful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My itsy bitsy Monsters!

Itsy bitsy monsters on Etsy - waiting to be adopted to a sweet home.

Meet Jack!

Jack, a innocent sweet character.
It was fun making these little Monsters. A Monster waiting to be adopted. He's full of charm, funny and absolutely cute.

Meet Helena Button!

I love this little girl who happens to be Poe's Sister. She's lovely!! Love her sweet colorful outfit.
She a very curious little girl full of wonder and adventure.

Meet Poe Button!

This colorful little guy brings wonder and joy to my life. He has a sister who you will soon meet.
The big sister! She's absolutely delightful. Looking at these little monsters brings a smile to my face.

Meet Dale in Mi Barrio- My neighborhood

done mix media- in charcoal, gouache, gesso, letter stamp, kraft paper on wood block
Feeling goofy with paint!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me so pretty!

done in watercolor, gouache, ink, gesso and kraft paper, on wood block
A cute fun little piece. Having fun late last night listening to music, painting and writing.
I call her " Me so pretty "

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No more chatter box

No more chatter box!
That's right! right there where you belong. I don't need the chatter, nobody needs the chatter constantly pestering . So annoying. The serpent hisses slithering talk talk talk, telling you it just ain't working sweety. You got to do better than that. So exhausting, my god! Well, I got news! enough is enough. Is about cleaning your filters, actually, befriend it. Like, hey how are you today? nice of you to stop by. Well, I'm busy, no time for you. Got to own it. You are in control. The kind of chatter I'm talking about, is the one we all have. Always at the corner selling you short by the constant self judgement blocking creativity.
She's in tune with nature, she hears her calling, she's embracing the child within, she wants to play and venture to places she always dreamed of. So what are you waiting for? do it, for crying out loud. No more chatter box telling me was best. Listen and breath! Hear your heart beating, feel your face, touch your hands, open your mind. Let the adventure begin!

Be what you are meant to be, the rest doesn't exist!

It never did. It was always invented by the simple fact feeling we are not good enough to the world or anyone for that matter. That's a lie! Art is a gift, a blessing that never has tricky disguises. It is real from the matters of the heart!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hellooooo Everyone!

It's such a beautiful day that Decided to sit in the sun and take a break. Then I decided I wanted to take a picture of myself. Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Magaly Ohika and here I have a painting I finished today, it turned out beautiful! I wanted to thank those who visit my blog and left such beautiful kind inspirational words of wisdom. Stay tune for more lovely art. Have a beautiful fun day!!

More Prints are coming!

Other Prints will be on Etsy soon! I apologies for the delay.

follow the path

done in pen and ink on wood block
size 10x10
I love this piece! then again, I love all my pieces. I love my pieces because I'm not trying hard. Before I use to try so hard to make it perfect that I end up ruining it and feeling so upset. I would even get depressed about it. When this happens, I go for a walk, reflect, see, cry and find what's going on. And usually, I end up knowing exactly what it is. Ooh, I went through it a few months. It killed me, that's right! So, i gave myself time to stay away even though my mind was painting, wanting sooo much to paint but i needed to focus and get in tune with myself. The reason why I call this piece- follow your path...means don't get side tracked, follow your dream, don't get distracted, spill every inch of you openly, Be fearless, allow the saints to guide you, hear the voice of a higher power whispering, there's nothing to be afraid of. Have the power of faith, regardless of all the changes you might feel are disturbing your sense of self. See it for what it is, move on, let it go, take it in and trust that everything will be okay even if it takes a while to see good things happen just work with passion and believe. I go by that everyday of my life. I want to thank my mother for being my friend, my supporter. I love you Mom!!
I dedicate this to all the artists out there.
Always believe!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Creative Eden Ritual

done in gouache, gesso, charcoal on kraft paper on wood block
My creative Eden ritual is what I call it when I light a candle and meditate.
A spiritual cleansing. In the Creative Eden, is a place where I don't criticize myself endlessly.
A place where creativity isn't shackled by the constant fear of not being good enough, is not perfect enough blah blah blah! The intruder that sabotages, that other part of your brain making rude comments on your work. The censor who nags and complains talking pure nonsense. We all had this visitor sometimes nudging at you, lying to you, saying things that don't make sense. Sometimes you believe it. You end up being hard on yourself, trying to make things perfect when really, there is beauty in all the imperfections. There aren't any rules to art or expression. The freedom of art is when you create from the heart with passion and soul. Is letting every part of you spill on paper without rules or conditions.

The tree ritual

done in watercolor gouache pencil on kraft paper on wood block

size 6x5

I'm a tree hugger. I love adore trees. Everyday I hug a tree filling my life full of lush green and the sweet scent of life and nectar in the spring, when all the flowers bloom.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Attention! Prints are here!


Want a print of my work!
I have art prints, ready to be posted on Etsyshop tomorrow.

My heart! Mi corazon

Done in watercolor, gouache, gesso and charcoal on kraft paper
Mi corazon en luna llena
Sentir los brazos de luna luz
amar como nunca amado
y no volver atras al pasado
reir y bailar sentir los besos
rayo de sol sobre mi cuerpo
pero cuando mi corazon en luna llena
siento todo el amor entre mis venas
My heart in the full moon
feel embraced of moon light
love like I never loved before
leaving the past behind
laugh and dance feel kisses
rays of sun brilliance
covers my body
but when my heart in the full moon
I feel all the love in my veins
Poem - Magaly Ohika

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Announcement: My Etsy sHOP!!


IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT, MY GOD!! A LOT OF INFO! BUT REAL GOOD. To be part of Etsy, feels real nice. Took me this long but hey, here I am with all the lovely wonderful talented artist out there. All the beautiful Etsy sellers and art bloggers out there, you guys inspire me. Here's to art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Embrace life!

pen and ink on wood
I'm been having so much fun painting in pen and ink and decided to add a little spill of color.


pen and ink on wood
Friendship- The importance of friendship. I had a friend, her name was Ilka from Germany. I met her at a cafe called Pick Me Up in Manhattan located in the east village. A funny name Pick Me Up ay! Well, it was many years ago. And I wonder where she is. She was my best friend. I think about her from time to time. We lost contact when I moved to PR and stayed for 6yrs. I tried searching for her but She's no where to be found. She was a lovely friend who I will never forget and hope that one day I find her. She was someone who I can talk openly with and feel no judgement or socially profiled. She was cool, sweet, down to earth, moody, funny and extremely talented. She was an artist herself. I thought about her and painted this piece. I miss her! It's wonderful to have great friends. Sometimes life gives us changes circumstances we do not expect, but lovely changes helps us grow see things at a totally different light. We grow up! Sometimes those changes pulls us in a different direction and during those changes we loose those we love but are always embedded in our hearts.
Here's to friendship!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Come play with me!

pen and ink on wood
behind the wood there's a dado going across the wood ready to be hung. I will show you later on Etsy shop.
This piece is called - Come play with me!
I live in the woods and I see all kinds of beautiful birds flying and playing. Love this piece!

I hear the bird singing!

pen and ink on wood
A different approach, wanted to do something completely different. Inspired by the writings in my journal turned into a song and a painting.
Don't start the morning without me
I'm sitting here cleaning up the mess
got a luggage ready to pack some
thoughts that don't make sense
The sun is shining and I feel good
ready to claim and step up
leaving the past, where it stood
I hear the bird singing sweet melodies
in my ear, a sweet sound calling not too far from here,
I feel love climb me as I throw up all the mess
That rattled my senses
and filled me with distress
but I hear the bird singing sweet melodies in my ear
a sweet calling not too far from here
I see my hand
don't see my face
nothing to be afraid
feel my heart
and sense my soul
the best thing
I ever known
I hear the bird singing sweet melodies in my ear
not to far from here
By Magaly Ohika

Friday, May 8, 2009

The birth of Freedom!

watercolor gesso and charcoal on kraft paper
For the past few days I posted paintings based on freedom. The freedom of knowing that we are not shackled by our fears but to embrace the beauty that freedom brings, and that is to inhale what gives us life and the inspiration to live it as well as paint it with heart open.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The big box by Toni Morrison And Slade Morrison

A beautiful book!
you must own

One of the pages of - The big box

I adore this book!
The book is about kids who enjoy the playfulness of their freedom. Soon their freedom is taken away due to so called bad behavior and they are confused. The adults who feel they must be controlled. That they should be placed inside a big box with all the things they love without contact with the outside world. It's sad yet the ending is beautiful once the kids decide to break the rules and conditions placed on them. The thing is and real unfortunate, that in life some kids are overly controlled and restricted by those who were once controlled as well.
Freedom and the sweet innocence of childhood should never be taken away.
A children's book written by Toni Morrison and illustrated by Giselle Potter

Sooo early in the morning and rainning too!

It's 5o'clock and insomnia kicked my butt last night, woke at about 1:30 in the morning. I'm still sleepy and while I'm up decided to read more about Etsyshop figuring it all out before I begin spreading my art for the world to see. Sorry, I'm taking a long while to process all Etsy information but in the mean time while your waiting come visit, browse through and see what's new, lovely work of inspiration will soon be on Etsy shop. As for rain this morning I think I'll shower in it's holy water for a bit to start my day. Ooops thunder and lightning here it comes , love that sound!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Las dos Hermanas ( Two sisters)

watercolor gesso and charcoal on Kraft paper
I just adore this piece. Ever since I let myself loose yesterday I feel I've turned the page to a new chapter in my life. I feel a sense of freedom. I no longer feel a tightness in my figure tips, not afraid to go buck wild with color. I just let my imagination and hand guide loosely. It's great and yet beautiful to paint the imperfections.

Sargasso cover on Language and gender

watercolor and pen and ink
Sargasso book of Porto Rico talks about topics of the Caribbean culture - for one, on Language and gender, art, music, poetry and history. A book cover in color about language and gender in the Caribbean islands. A friend of mine suggested that I'd do the cover for this coming issue. I was honored to do the piece. It turned out beautiful!

Greetings everyone!

ANNOUNCEMENT! My Etsy shop opening will be delayed. It will be pushed to the weekend I decided. I apologize! But in the mean time, enjoy browsing the itsy bitsy spill. I have more lovely art coming. I bought more art supplies today yippie!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on these goodies. I'm so inspired! I want to thank Mystele and Amy Hanson for their lovely words of wisdom and art inspiration. For those who have not seen their blog, stop by and see their art. little glimpses studio and Amy Hanson on Sweet sweet life posted here on lovely blogs. Take a peek!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't be afraid!

watercolor,  gesso and charcoal on kraft paper

After I was done with the first piece I just posted, I sat out side and started to do a fast sketch in charcoal and loved what came out though the woman looks a bit sad. It took a different turn I felt loose with lines and paint, it was very different from all the other paintings I've done. Lovely!!

The meditation!

collage mix media
watercolor and pencil

I love love this piece!! This morning I meditated and it felt so good. I do this every morning when I wake up and sometimes at night. Allowing all nature authenticity to purify my energy flow through my organs especially my ovaries due to the pain I feel from my fibroid. My sweetheart tells me this is part of  great healing. We want to have a baby, that's right! me Momma! The thought of me having a child with someone I love and adore brings a smile from here to the moon.

Just feel and let go!

watercolor and pencil
watercolor paper
To just feel and let go is a wonderful part of all healing process. To be vulnerable to feel every motion that goes through you, to cry, to laugh, to understand that growing up and life lessons is part to all healing experience, to loving yourself more.

Surrender to love!

watercolor and pencil
watercolor paper
To surrender to love, to spill openly in all that makes you happy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My three queens!

To blossom, A light of faith and The sweet lullaby
The day was absolutely beautiful, it was raining. Listened to some cool folk music, and had a nice cup of Earl grey tea, my favorite. Another perfect day! Great fun! painting these beauties. And here they are finished. I just loved them. They will be posted for sell on Etsy shop soon this week. I love them sooo much that I will paint more to add to the collection, so stay tuned for more lovely work.


watercolor and pencil
watercolor paper
To blossom and sprinkle all the beautiful colors you paint to your life. What a beautiful master piece when your life is in all the colors you see.

A light of faith!

watercolor and pencil
watercolor paper

Believing in faith, make's a hell of a difference in one's life. In all truth I've had little faith due to tiny obstacles, lessons teaching me a great deal of patience. But I say this, these challenges of life shows me that no matter what I must always rise with love and have a light of faith.

A sweet lullaby!

watercolor and pencil
watercolor paper

When I hear the morning song of birds greeting each other as they pass by, flying from one branch to the next, playing, singing a sweet lullaby, I feel so welcome in all their playfulness in the morning and I smile!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Smudge, spill, make a mess and just, let yourself go!

watercolor and gesso on paper

A nice way to start the day!

Early in the morning had the itch to write my journal about the day's mood and how it affect me. Such a wonderful feeling of total calmness. Allowing the universe to move me in such a way especially when you surrender to it's tranquil silence feeling and smelling sweetness of the morning mist. Seduced by it's beauty, the kind of seduction that fills your whole body with authentic love and embrace. A nice way to start the day!

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