Friday, June 11, 2010

More lovely things to share!

Hello! Today I have  more to show you but first I just need to say that these cool days have been great and comfortable! It actually feels like fall. I love summer I can bare the humidity. Also I want to say thank you for all your wonderful support on my last post. It has not been easy but the good thing is, that by the end of the day when I finish a piece or two, I feel happy. And in keeping my faith and believing in myself gives me strength and the creativity to do beautiful things. Last night was a late night for me going over my blog and creating new paintings. You will see I change my template. I might not keep it very long just wanted to try the new designs But I think I prefer to stick with the simple white backdrop. This template has not grown on me yet though it looks pretty cool. Well lets see! 

This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal, one of my favorite mediums, Both mediums compliment each other well. I LOVE IT! Measuring 7'' x 6'' And I'm thinking of sewing this cute piece on canvas fabric.
I call it
Making new friends

This one is done in the same medium acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini hand made watercolor paper 140lb measuring  7''x 7''
I call it 
Never be afraid to fly greater heights
It's about a girl showing her friend a bird explaining how freedom is bliss. A symbol - to spread your wings and embrace all that is in front you and go the distance to explore new wonderful things.

Now This piece which is a lot different and oh so beautiful was inspired by a movie called Emma Woodhouse by Jane Austin. Which takes place I think in the 1800's and I love love that Century for the costumes the art, even in the way they spoke in those days,  the dresses, the houses, the conversations over tea, the dancing and the fabric they use in those days are just stunning! It is all beautiful though it was also dark period for women when men  ruled almost everything and women were to bare as many children as possible and speak not of they're dreams. And if they did speak of such desires to be something greater, they weren't respected much. I admire the women who rebelled, who were strong enough to go against such elitist rubbish ego centric arrogant blind sided nonsense. Rules that did not work but only added chaotic disputes solely on power dismissing  the true purpose. Women have voice, the virtue, the love, the passion, the wisdom, the intelligence, the strength to make a difference in their life and more!
I call this piece 
Women have voice!
This piece is done with stitch decorative fabrics, pen and ink on 140lb watercolor paper sewn to canvas fabric measuring 7''x7''

This little piece is done also stitched decorative fabric, pen and ink on watercolor paper sewn on to canvas fabric measuring 4''x4''
Dreams are in motion

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