Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wacky Grunge Art Workshop

The new Workshop will be up tonight!
Hello Students!
Welcome to the new Workshop Called Wacky Grunge Art
Teacher - Magaly Ohika
Workshop - $50

You can have access to the videos at anytime, no time limit!
Once you purchase you will be given a secret password from me
Ask questions!

You want to draw and paint with freedom this is the right class for you.

It all begins with you. If not!, She will poke you with her crayon, scream, stomp, give you a slight headache till you listen, throw a tantrum and then poke you again with a brush. Bring it on! Bring it on!

You want to play!, I'm your teacher. I will teach you how to use watercolor in a rustic way using just your Watercolor brush and Wax China Pencil and other goodies as well, like pastels!
There will be to two videos in this class showing you ways to make your characters wacky fun and full of personality. And color to bring them to life. I will teach you how to create them in a wacky grunge look using our goodies. How to give them life and personality is to embrace a big part of yourself.
And the way to go about that is to tap and transform yourself into your inner child who has been so eager to explore and be let out free. Nothing wrong with embracing that part of yourself. Life is so much more fun when she takes over. So don't keep her cooped in. Let her out. Allow her to take over, and I promise you it will be one hell of a fun ride. See, she's fierce, bold and courageous and not only that, she does not enjoy being controlled. And she does not do well with Rules, she breaks them! I don't like rules. I do just the opposite and so can you! She's the Queen of her castle. So join forces with her and just have fun!

All you will need to begin with, is your openness to explore, patience, be consistent, practice and lots lots of play!

You can do that! If I can, you can!

Be confident and believe! if you find that you are having trouble its okay. It happens to all of us including myself.
See you in class!
You will need a set of supplies
watercolor - cakes or tubes are fine! I use Pelican and Koi watercolor
Watercolor Round brush # 8
One sheet of arches watercolor paper cold press 140bs
Wax china pencil - black and red - You can get at a hardware store or your local art store
Neopastels or color pencils

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