Monday, April 30, 2012

Join me in My Happy Colorful Messes May 1, 2012

Happy Colorful Messes!
So take your canvas and splatter your soul with feeling of Euphoria. Feel the high! 
The most fantastic way to get loose with art is not worry about making a mess. Making a mess is spilling it true with big splashes of wonderful colors. Big splashes, small splashes and huge globs of liquid goo paint you can play with, how fun is that! 

My daily life is about making happy messes on paper. I follow my colorful brick road to my own journey. Making the travel, I leave little colorful trickles and clues for others to follow, is a power house of Self Liberation. So why not make some colorful noise along the way that won’t hurt your ears but quenches your heart with joy and induces delicious remedies that tickle the heart with playfulness.

Making colorful messes is definitely therapeutic. It makes your emotions spill out with excitement onto the canvas. To just be naked in art is like being born again. 

So why live life asking yourself what if and why, why, why, such a waste of time. And why analyze everything in your life when you know that analyzing isn’t living at all.

With moments of questions one cannot answer sometimes, paint is all is needed. All your answers will come like stream from a brook, easy and sometimes painless. Art is the remedy for the soul. Through Art, we simply cannot lie to ourselves. Actually we never do. How can we lie and if we did we will be called imposters seeking an easy way out. If you smudge your stories with paint with honesty you are truly enjoy your process.

We are most honest with the work we love because it allows us to destroy nightmares, or make nightmares into beautiful dreams or convey what is meaningful and true. We seek ourselves openly what others can’t seem to give us. All that beauty is there just so we can see that what we have is a gift to do whatever we want. 
Some artists think being sensitive, impressionable is a curse. We feel and suffer due to the intensity of our emotions. It takes us to another dimension. But that in itself is a beautiful thing. To feel a rhythm that rattles your emotions and then taken to a whole different dimension cannot destroy you in any shape or form but make you grow, only if you allow it to. But unless the decision you chosen is guided by a misconception, a distortion imbalance view of your negative perspective on life then you in for a long ride of emptiness. I’d say believe in your lovely dream without fear and doubt and simply have fun!

Art has saved me from so many things, without my gift to create colorful messes I’d be lost in some dark abyss. Yes we may cry, even shout, scream, throw tantrums and get angry. Art allows you to throw it all in the mix to make sense of it all. It might even sound like a record being played backwards, a noise that we cannot describe nor see. We can only feel it. And while we feel it we cannot be afraid but to embrace it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's day is coming!

The Celebration Of Motherhood
Done in watercolor graphite on watercolor 140lb cold press paper 9x12 - Available on Etsy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There is always more beautiful paintings to show!

Shall we go to Tuscany Italy and eat pasta with a group of artistic strangers over red wine and talk about what inspires us. 
This piece was done in watercolor, acrylic and graphite on multimedia 140lb cold press paper 
7.5 x 11

Brother Juan Caseres and Sister Tedora Elena Caseres

1930's old photo
This piece was done in watercolor, acrylic and graphite on multimedia 140lb cold press paper 6 x 9.5

I always say, in order to keep balance and happy, always take care of yourselves. There is nothing wrong with taking care of number one. Go places, meet people who will make you laugh, do something exciting, meet a friend and laugh your ass off, take a swimming or flamenco lesson, learn a new language, built a woman's support group, make love in the moonlight, built that garden you dreamed of and take thy road trip and paint!
This piece was done in watercolor, acrylic and graphite on multimedia 140lb cold press paper 7.5 x 11

These are Doodle fun little portraits
All have their names listed posted on Etsy!
Done in watercolor  graphite on multimedia 140lb cold press paper

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another great fun way to draw. Just get behind your sewing machine and play with your darning foot and have fun with free motion stitch work. Inspired by Cathy Cullis. For those who do not know her work, please go visit her blog. She's an inspiration and I have purchased a few of her pieces. Her pieces are delightful and so eloquently beautiful. I wanted to learn how to draw and happy I ordered this cool tool!

Stitches come to life!
This is a new piece I was working on just the other night with a new free motion darning foot I had 
ordered on Etsy. And I love it. It takes practice and it's a lot of fun! This is my second try.
These new pieces are now listed on my Etsy shop!

This was my first try using a darning foot with my sewing machine. Not bad!
Once you get the hang of it it's a hell of a lot of fun I tell you. It takes a lot of patience!

These beautiful pieces are a continuation of the first series Doodle groovy fun!
The pieces are a lot of fun to do. I simply just adore them!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A little rouge to brighten up my day!

A little rouge, pretty costumes, a circus act around the 

Done in watercolor graphite on watercolor paper.
On etsy today.

Hello, I been away this past week. It's been a rough week with a fever of 104.10 Had a virus that had me in bed crying my eyes out. My whole body was aching and when I thought the worse was over a toothache came in as a surprise that had me cry all night without sleep. What a week and without strength to draw. I sure get sick a lot and it ain't pretty. So today Friday a gorgeous day to paint to go for a walk. As for surgery that was suppose to be today was postponed due to the virus. Thank god I don't don't have to worry about surgery for now. My workshop will be open in May. More info on that soon. Have a lovely day!

There is always a great story to be told behind an old photo, Sisters

Done in watercolor graphite on watercolor paper.

Monday, April 9, 2012

More fun art into clutches!


   My colorful imaginary friends help keep me grounded

  The Clutches have olive green zippers. Clutches - 10 x 7.5

    Original clutches done in acrylic and charcoal on gesso muslin. Enjoy!

 Friends you can be yourself with

To be free, you gotta let things go 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting all Jazzy Jazz with my groovy Doodles!

Hello there! It's a very hot sticky night. I need some cool breeze coming in. 
It's been like this all week. Keeping myself cool drinking a virgin cranberry mojito. You guys should try it sometime with lots of mint and limes, it's really yummy. 
Now that I have cooled down a bit. Here I have for you beautiful doodles.
Groovy Doodle Fun Series!
They're fun and jazzy jazz!
These lovely doodles are done in graphite, watercolor, ink and Zig writers markers on multimedia 140cold press paper 5.5 x 7

As for my surgery,  it will take place on April 20th and to tell you the truth, it frightens me just a bit!

Have a lovely night my lovely art friends.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the beautiful baby elephant.
My friend posted it in her facebook and I fell in love. I want to share with you

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sharing my love to you through my art!

Never stop being there for your true friends
All on Etsy!
This is a difficult time for me, preparing myself emotionally and mentally for surgery on the 20th of April.
So I'm sorry if I been distant here.

               Blowing blue bubbles in the sky

                                                  My puppy and my friend

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