Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Lovely paintings!

I been work a lot as you can see. Also I been working on large black and white pieces for the show. I work on those at night,  I been having late nights. I love working at night while everyone is sleeping. So peaceful and no distractions. This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on 18x24 brown Indian paper protected with mate varnish. 
I call it 
I go where the colors take me

Another piece I finished, also done in the same medium on brown Indian paper 18x24
It's a bit different. I went wild that day. I just let myself go as you can see. I love it when I do that!
I go into another trance where the outside world doesn't exist but mine. I don't hear  a thing or see a thing but my own world. There I discover a lot about myself. I like it there. I discover that when I paint this way I am seeing  a whole different me unfolding.
I call it
My vision is clear

Well now this one is a totally out there. The Red Queen paid me a visit that  morning and it wasn't pleasant. I was cramping that day full of pain. hehehehehe! Scary isn't it, HA! !
I call it 
Bloody hell, I'm in pain!

These I love so much! There are all done in pen and ink - black and brown in which I love!
These small pieces are done on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper stitched on canvas fabric.
Have not named them yet!

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