Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My New piece!

A new piece
Wearing my blue house
Done in mix media on paper
collage mix media, colorpencils and graphite

Artists - My Students!
We are gifted with magic, we are, magic! Our art imagination, the emotions, the feelings our insight to uncover and discover wonderful things on paper flows out through our hands. Hands are our instrument to express the art, is purely magical. We venture, wonder off through other portals in our brain creating our story with images is an amazing thing. So when I say tap in, pour out a personal part of your self in your painting and don't be frighten to discover that, is liberating. Creating a style takes time, slower and faster for other artists, art beginners. And it all depends on the connection the relationship you have with yourself. So what is your story?
Patience is a virtue!
Be patient when you are creating, and again, don't Rush!
Enjoy the process of learning a skill, a technique and practice. It is also important to keep in mind not to over work and over analyze your art. Take your time! When you do, the results of that, is a wonderful feeling. The accomplishment in achieving, to master a skill, the technique is worth not rushing during the creative process. And simply play and float! So if you find yourself doing that, STOP! Step away for a moment. I say this because I have been there before and I know when a piece of art doesn't have the charm! So, my lovely students give your piece that magical charm.
Magaly Ohika

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