Monday, May 2, 2011

Art Art Art!!!!

The Itsy bitsy spill Fabric art booklet #5
8 Beautiful print images on muslin 7 x 8
This beautiful art stitched booklet was done on muslin with 8 lovely print images that were printed with archival inks. 

This lovely piece is done in acrylic and watercolor pastels on Canson watercolor cold press 140lb paper 12 x 16

Beware of the little monsters in the dark
This piece is done on bogus brown paper acid free 9 x 12
acrylic and watercolor pastels protected with fixative

Sally the elephant

Painting with stitches and fabric
wall art - done in decorative fabrics and stitch work
Size 11 x15
I love elephants. They are smart loving and compassionate. 

I been painting with fabric and stitches. Painting without paints but with color fabrics and doodling in stitches is great fun, I love it!

Dreaming  of Puerto Rico

done on stonehenge paper cold press acrylic and Watercolor pastels
7 x 7
Yes , dreaming of an island full of mangos, beaches and art, great place to be right about now!

New Workshop Creative Monoprinting

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