Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you guys for visiting me!

I want to let you all know how happy it makes me feel to have such wonderful visitors coming by to see me. Again my computer is acting really slow so I won't be able to go to each of your blogs to visit and give thanks! Hopefully by this evening. My computer and everything else are run by generators in the woods so it can be difficult sometimes and very frustrating. But hey, it works but not as fast as I would want it. I'm sending you all a sweet hello and warm hugs. Have a gorgeous day!!!!

A lovely sight!

done in pen an ink 2x7 on handmade indian paper on wood block
A lovely sight
I love observing everything especially when I'm in the park.
One day I decided to stop by the waterfall in falls village and sat there for a while, during last summer. And I remember it was windy and a woman came by wearing a beautiful straw hat. Suddenly poof, her hat was blown away, it was a beautiful sight. The wind slowly twirling the straw hat across the sky. It was beautiful!!

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