Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Art groove of Play Workshop
The workshop Is ready for you to have fun.
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Once you purchase the course you will be given a secret password !
For viewing Videos;
You will go to my blog called - the itsy bitsy spill

I changed my Title of Free form to Art Groove!
Hi Everyone!
About the Workshop:
By Magaly Ohika

I will be teaching you how to loosen up and how to use wax and watercolor as well as Gouache in a fun way with itsy bitsy color spills. Lets explore the art groove of play. I am here to show you how its done.
Three Videos! Two different approaches how to groove!

Before we begin this fun playful course, let us remember!
The most important thing about this workshop before we begin creating the fun part. Is first tapping into the energy of your inner girl and appreciate her presence. So lets go way back to when you were a kid or we can learn from our children by simply observing them. You can learn a thing or two. I don't have kids but I have my inner girl and she is quite enough, and I have friends who have awesome children. I enjoy observing them. Kids are explorers, curious, they listen to their emotions, and what I love is, they are straight forward!

They are not afraid to seek out friendships. They love to play and try new things. They love to be outside and venture in nature. They enjoy being creative and getting messy. And a big one!, they live in the moment! They are ready to start the day with enthusiasm and vigor. Every day is looked at as another opportunity worth exploring.
I can go on adding but you get the idea!
When was the last time you gave yourself the opportunity to simply be to simply play? This class is about that! Let your inner kid enjoy the freedom to explore and express. Don't think when you are creating just appreciate simplicity while you are creating!
Canson mix media paper 7 x 10
Wax china peel off pencil at your hardware store!
Round watercolor brushes 8 and 10
Watercolor tubes or cakes and Gouache
Oil pastel or Caran pastels
HB pencil

Intro Video!

intro video of art groove from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Free Form Art Character Video one from Magaly Ohika on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New Workshop

The Art Playhouse Workshop

Art Instructor Magaly Ohika

The Workshop
In the Art Playhouse, I will teach two classes- two Videos in a diverse array of gouache art processes. Playing with themes of joy, peace, free flow painting application and the connection process of intuition. Be ready to explore a wonderful fluidity of gouache medium. My focus is on the image as it comes to life on my paper. Not only does the course teaches you how to use gouache but also teaches you how to create images that speak to the human heart. What is your message, your voice, your goddess within? Tap into it.

Now, What is Gouache?
About this wonderful medium: Gouache is one type of watermedia, paint consisting of natural pigment, water, a binding agent (usually gum arabic or dextrin), and sometimes additional inert material. Gouache is designed to be used with opaque methods of painting.

While you begin to get ready to create on paper that is your stage think what your play will be about. Give yourself permission to explore. Open your mind and allow your eyes to roam but most importantly, your heart! Your heart is the key to a beautiful painting.
First I want you to draw with the wisdom center of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. You will explore ways to convey the elements that resonate with you applying them in your watercolor paper. Your the art storyteller of that stage. Bring your image to life! Open yourself up to a whole new way of soulful creating. It could be as simple as drawing your hands or feet touching a small pool of water. The question is, what do hands or feet signify to you? An example: Hand is a symbol of many different things. We use our hands yes, but what else? Think of hands in a symbolic way. what do you see? As you nourish your creative soul painting step out of the box and explore the artistic beauty of things that bring happiness and meaning. Open your eyes and see and then, feel it!

- The first video I will teach you how to apply gouache in a fluid graceful way.

- The second video I will teach you gouache with touches of color pencils and other wonderful materials.
- A bonus Video 3 Yay!

There is no time limit to the videos. You can view them to your convenience.

Payment and Password info:
You will be given a password when you make your purchase.
The workshop is $85 Dollars
There are assignments given at the end of the class for viewing.

Materials you will need:

Sketchbook and HB 2 Pencil
PLAKKAATVERF Gouache tubes white, black, red, light yellow, ochre yellow, turquoise OR WINSOR & NEWTON GOUACHE
Inexpensive is - Reeves Gouache
Koi Watercolor tubes or cakes
Watercolor Brushes Round 2, 4 and 8
choice - Watercolor paper cold press 140lb - Fabriano sheets or pad, Canson or Arches
Acrylic Markers - Uni Posca or you can use something similar
Micron Ink Pen black 03
Color pencils

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