Thursday, December 30, 2010


Embrace the new journey and fly!

Hello you guys! The new upcoming year is almost near 2011, yeah!!! I feel like really celebrating. I need a glass of red wine and an awesome dinner out in the town. I think I'm going to surprise my George, HA!.
  Here I have a new painting I been working on for weeks! And  I'm finally finished. 
Done in arches 300lb watercolor paper in ink and acrylic 22 x 30
This beautiful piece will be in my January issue #2 Art is Freedom this Saturday!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello my bloggy colorful friends!!!!!

Snow snow snow!!!

Hello everyone! How was your Christmas? Hope it was wonderful! I been sick with stomach virus lasting for a week in a half. I feel better and I'm back to work. Had my fun this morning taking pictures and walking in the snow. Unfortunately I could not take my car for a spin due that I don't have snow tires, silly me! I love going to my favorite coffee shop to doodle and have coco. But I'm having it here at home! Stay tuned for my January issue #2 Art is Freedom with beautiful images and inspiring stories to warm the heart and lift the spirit!

Friday, December 17, 2010

January Issue #2 coming soon!

Art is Freedom!

Hello my lovely awesome bloggers! 
Here is a sneak peek of my first issue #2 for January 1st 2011
10 Pages with lovely new colorful images. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Free shipping in my Etsy Shop!

A new year for new beginnings tote bag!
This beautiful tote bag is done in acrylic and charcoal size of 13.5 x 13.5

Thank you for all your lovely fun comments! 
It is freezing out here, no joke! My hubby is keeping the wood stove burning real good. When it's really cold I drink a lot of tea with milk.  For dinner I cooked fish and basmati rice with leak. Oh how I wish to eat those delicious powered cookies with bits of cashews in them. I forget what you call them but the cookies are really good and dangerous. Dangerous cause I could eat the big box,  it's that good! Any who here I am thinking about these cookies and I don't have any. Well, changing the subject, early today as I  was going through my items one by one to change my shipping. It took me an hour and thirty minutes, can you believe that! I thought, wouldn't be nice if somehow Etsy could change that and make it easier. I was so frustrated I almost fell asleep staring at the computer going through each item to sort out my shipping! Well, that was that! 
So I finally finish sorting all my shipping.
Some pieces have been reduced including bags and big paintings!

Well, guys are hope you are all keeping warm!
Sending love to you all!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Holidays my lovely art bloggers!!!

A winter bliss
Hellooooooooooo Everyone! I'm back with more goodies.
Here I have art totes  and I have more coming soon this week. 
Here's an original painting done in acrylic and charcoal on tote.

This is a print on a tote! I love love how the print turned out just beautiful!!!!
Time for hot coco tote!

This is a commission piece tote I finished today! Also an original done in acrylic and charcoal on canvas.
A birdie message to me

        I love love this one!
Doodle fun holiday cheer tote
A quality print illustration

A commission piece - This beautiful clutch is made in decorative fabric, felt and stitch work
I wanted to make my clutch to look like the abstract decorative pieces that are stitch on watercolor paper
I love this clutch!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My art zine booklet!

These pages fill with beautiful images of my work. My lovely zine art booklet issue #1
Printed on cardstock and archival inks
Size of book - 5.5 x 8.5

The booklet is stitched binded and it's for you!
One page I written a story about my \

Art embraces and Discoveries:

Painting is intimate for me, the solitude of space, my paper, my acrylics and brushes. A connection where thoughts and feelings are making beautiful music together . Sometimes they spill loudly across the page other times is like listening to blues lavishly rattling the motions in my soul. My heart, my mind are at a flow. The rhythm feels right and once I'm feeling the groove everything I need in that given moment is in place. And I know the story--the image has begun and I'm having fun.

Another page about My art life:

My art life is about colorful messes, doodle fun, celebrating whimsical dreams and venturing to magical places entertained by imaginary creatures. There I can be myself and create a world I want. I'm free and calm.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A painting on a Hoopa Loopa

Taking a stroll with a friend 

 A hoopa loopa wall hanging piece done on muslin acrylic and charcoal 12 x12 
I been eying these forever. At first I wondered what the whole hoop was about and how it works. Now I know! I have fallen in love with these. I thought I can use this as a canvas. A painting doesn't have to be always square hmmmm let me try it out! And so I did last night and I had a blast painting on it. I took muslin tighten it, added gesso, waited for it to dry and started to create and here is my piece and I love the results.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Goodies to show!

I'm back with more colorful goodies! Here I have for you three paintings done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper 8x10
1- Living life with love
2- The smell of beauty
                   3- Swing swing I play and feel alive
Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post!
Big warm hugs to every single one of you!!!

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