Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Magic Stitch Book Workshop

The Magic Stitch Book Workshop

Teacher: Magaly Ohika

About the Class: Classes will begin July 29, 2013 till the end of August 25th

Class is $55.00 https://www.etsy.com/listing/156288619/new-class-2013-the-magic-stitch-art-book?ref=shop_home_active
The class will have four videos containing fun Art in Stitches. The class is great for students who are beginners. Students who want to learn how to Doodle Stitch and have Fun with their sewing machines. Here’s your opportunity to have fun and enjoy it with me.
If you don’t have a sewing machine, borrow one or buy one.
Now before I begin with the goody stuff, here I have a list of supplies that each student will need to get for this class.
Supplies: A very important tool to get and for students who do not know what a darning foot is. Here is a description of this wonderful free motion foot is.
A Darning Foot - A sewing machine attachment that is especially useful for free motion Quilting as it holds the fabric down only when the needle is coming out of the fabric.

It looks like this, funnnnnnnnnnn!!!
Sewing machine, Pins, Needles, Felt, Fabric glue, SoSoft fabric paints, fabric markers or Acrylic Paints, Cream Cotton Canvas and black cotton canvas - not too thin and not too thick, Black thread, white thread or any colors will do just fine for this fun class. Get buttons, pieces of d├ęcor fabric scraps. Anything you can find and have stored away, please take them out and rummage through your box and use what fancy’s you. You will also need a round small and medium brush and flat brush.  Oh and a Iron!
I’m sure a lot of you have a few of these supplies. Go to your local Walmart Store or Joanne’s fabric Store and Michael’s Craft store.

Now about the workshop:
Now about the fun weeks we will be having.
Make sure you have all your supplies handy, very important that you do.

Week one
That week will be cutting pieces of your cotton canvas fabric into four squares 7 x 7. We will practice doodling with our sewing machine using our darning foot in free motion. I will teach you how to draw free motion circles, leaves, twirls and faces.  You will practice on your own. I will teach you how to hold the fabric and felt down together in a comfortable way in the video.  Once you begin to practice more and more it will become easier and fun.

Week Two
Once, you get the hang of using your sewing machine in free motion.  You will set aside your first week pieces.
Now we will begin cutting 3 more squares 7 x 7 and using your SoSoft paints fabric to design your four pieces, when you are done having fun leave your pieces to dry overnight. On the next day you will take your 3 pieces and doodle art your designs in stitch free motion. And then we will cut four more squares in that size and stitch your designs together.  I will show you on video. At the end of that week please email your pieces to me.

Week Three
On week three we will use our fun findings. Scraps, buttons, white thread or other fun color threads you love and want to use on black Canvas – You will Cut 3 squares 7 x7 black cotton canvas. And email them to me!

Week Four
On week four Students will create the magic Stitch Book.
You will all create a book out of canvas - cream color pages or black pages or mix the pages up if you like. You will design each page creating a lovely Magic doodle art book.  Size of book is 7 x 14. Don’t worry,  I will show you how to make the book in the video. It’s fun and easy to create!

Week five
You will all hand them in. Each student will get a free original piece from me.
Some of you might not have the time but guess what, No Worries at all!
You can always go back to your videos at your own pace and you can contact me on Etsy or my email ohika_mp@yahoo.com if you have any questions. I will happily answer them in the evenings.

Very important to know when you sign up!
Once you sign up, refunds are not given back.  So please make sure you want to take this class.
Students will get a secret password. That means you will not share it with anyone thank you!  I will greatly appreciate it very much.

I only accept Paypal. If you need help signing up to paypal let me know or you can also simply go to the help section on Etsy. It is an easy way to pay!

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