Sunday, September 13, 2009

The bond!

done in acrylic charcoal on 100% white rag paper 18x24
sprayed with fixative and matt varnish mounted on a white back drop ready to be framed

The Bond!
My friend who lives here in Falls village had a gathering of friends who just had their babies at the same time. So they decided to do a little party and celebrate. It was the most sweet and beautiful celebration. They were all talking and eating while the other kids were playing. A beautiful sight that was being an outsider looking in watching how they all bond with their kids. Brought a huge smile to my face. And thought hmmmm! that will be me some day bonding with my child and going for long walks through the park and reading children's books. It's such a beautiful feeling having a child. Cheers to all the wonderful mothers out there!!

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