Saturday, October 23, 2010

Paloma libre

The Rebirth of Frida
This piece is done in acrylic collage mix media on Vincent Rossini watercolor 140lb handmade paper 22" x 26"

I'm painting again! And I'm so so happy I am! I had art block for a month. When I feel I'm in a rut, I rearrange the studio and clean. I also go for a walk, write in my journal and sketch ideas in my book. I have been dabbling with crafty goodies lately and it's a lot of fun! But painting is what I love love to do. I love to challenge myself into the mix of art which allows me to grow as an artist. I'm not afraid to try knew things. 
Here I just finished a Frida piece I'm so I love with. I love the fact that I used red magenta blue  purple orange and white. Usually when painting a piece I use all the colors but this time I wanted to stick with these colors also adding collage to the mix and the end result came out beautiful!
I must say Frida is having lots of fun far away in the heavens. She lives in the hearts of so many wonderful women. She comes to life every time we paint her and I believe she loves every minute of it. She is free! The passion she conveyed grows inside all of us. 
Frida here here to you, la paloma libre en el viento!

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