Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The brilliant colors of fall!

This piece is done in collage and some parts acrylic on watercolor paper
size - 13x21

I love fall! My favorite season and my birthday is coming up on Sunday. My god it sure goes quick! The big 38! I feel so young! I actually feel like I'm in my early twenties.

When I was doing this piece I remember someone telling me once that I'd be a better artist if I kept myself away from crafting so much with collage. I love collage, I love mix media and I love anything that involves expressing myself in any medium. So he can kiss -you know what...my butt! That's right! This was a gallery owner. He said I did fabulous work but to keep away from the craft stuff-because people don't like so much craft in art- that it is not, considered real art.

I remember that day which was a long while ago. I went home and I started painting without collage and I was so unhappy. I couldn't paint. I was frustrated, angry even. Art to me is a spiritual journey, an adventure, fun fun!!!. It makes me happy to do what I like instead of creating something that someone else thinks is the right way to go- if you want to make it as an artist- what a load of crap I tell you. It takes away the beauty of it, that wonderful spark, the aliveness, that delicious feeling you get from doing what you love and the voice.
What is real art? hmmmmmm! real art is when is created from the heart, deep from the core of your soul, the visual passion that spill on the canvas. The sweet colors that form the essence of your being. I love what I do!!!!!!!!!
So don't he dare or anyone else mess around with my art!!!
That's right!

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