Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A whimsy fun day at the studio painting!

A colorful whimsy circus
This piece is done on drawing paper gesso, acrylic and charcoal 
Heavyweight/ Acid free 12 x 18 
hugs to you all!

Monday, July 25, 2011

more beautiful art to share with the world!

 Love your life
                                                                           Done in acrylic and charcoal on 6x6 canvas
                                                                                Print will be available on etsy tonight!

love is where the heart is, share it!
Done in acrylic and charcoal on 6x6 canvas
Print will be available on etsy tonight!
Earrings will be listed on etsy late tonight as well.

 Locket earrings with my beautiful print

On Etsy Tonight!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm featured here! Take a look! The New York Optimist

Love has me in divine poetry

This piece is done in acrylic gesso and graphite on Bogus rough brown paper.
Size of piece is 9 x12
Acid free, wonderful for mix media.

Hey Guys! I'm featured here The New York Optimist.

Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents The Wonderful Illustrations and Paintings of Magaly Ohika

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Creative Sunday!

Helloooooooooo Happy Sunday creating! Here home getting organize for upcoming week creating new pieces and writing a list of things to do for the days to come. Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!
Here I have new individual prints listed on Etsy!
This here is a new original piece that is now listed . It was done on brown paper acrylic and graphite protected  with fixative 9 x 12
Enjoy your day!

Mi casita de paz y creatividad
home of peace and creativity

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Have a lovely weekend!

I love this piece! It's different! An old piece that was exhibited in the Gallery Espinar here in Old San Juan, PR.
 Now listed on Etsy!

Called Voice your feelings created on wood box 10 x 10 and 3 inches deep done in acrylic.

Don't be afraid to voice your feelings. Be honest with yourself and others.

Friday, July 15, 2011

More beautiful paintings!

A peaceful sitting
Now both on ETSY!

This piece is done in acrylic gesso and graphite on Bogus rough brown paper.
Size of piece is 9 x12
Acid free, wonderful for mix media.

Enjoy life and be calm

This piece is done in acrylic gesso and graphite on Bogus rough brown paper.
Size of piece is 9 x12
Acid free, wonderful for mix media.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A lovely day eating mangoes!

This piece is inspired by a little girl at the bodega ( Deli store) holding on to her doll waiting for her mother to pay for a soda pop.

This piece is done in watercolor pencils watercolor pastels graphite on watercolor paper 4 x 6.5

This lovely portrait inspired by a little girl at the beach playing and stopped for a second to see my dog play with the other dogs. She was so cute!

This piece is done watercolor pencils and watercolor pastels on watercolor paper 4 x 6.5 

Good morning! It's another lovely day at the beach. Did my meditation and wrote in my journal. I'm inspired!!!
Thank you to all you lovely women out there who left such wonderful messages of wisdom and lovely comments!. I give you all big hugs from here just close your eyes and feel my hugs across thee sky.

One late afternoon walking with my dog I took some pictures of a little girl who loved the camera. 
Her mother said that her daughter wanted to someday be a photographer.

This piece is done in watercolor pencil watercolor pastels on watercolor paper 4 x 6.5

Monday, July 11, 2011

A beautiful creative Monday by the ocean!

 Holding on to love that binds us.
On Etsy
The piece is done in micron pigma pen #3 on handmade Italian watercolor paper. Size of piece is 5.5 x 6 with border around image. 

Good morning! It's gorgeous feeling the breeze coming in through my window from the beach. The smell of the ocean calms me. I love the way it makes me feel. This piece inspired by these lovely women in my life who embrace me with love, support and laughter!

Embrace in the now with love.

To always remind myself that the present is important and lovely. To embrace it fully. Life is beautiful!
This piece is done in micron pigma pen #3
Size of piece is 5 x 4 with border around image.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm here and sending you all a warm air hug from here!

I'm happy and excited to say my Etsy shop is open!
I want to thank those that came to visit my last post. Thank you for your wisdom and lovely support. A walk in the beach makes my soul feel free and happy!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's create love and believe with heart wide open

Girl in pink dress in front of house

Late 40's in the county side of Puerto Rico. Photo taken by Tom Lehman  

It's Thursday morning 10:30am sitting at a coffee shop in Ocean Park PR writing. Here I am living in Puerto Rico  with my sweet heart George, Brook my dog and Sammy the cat.  

I love this photo! Yesterday night I was looking through these old photos on Flickr and saw this one. The photo reminds me when I was once a young girl visiting my grandmother in Guayama PR.  The beauty, the simplicity, the humbleness and innocence. Taking a memory stroll of the past gave me comfort. I wanted to feel, to remember the essence and beauty of my island and not think about the chaos that Puerto Rico is under at the moment due to being unemployed, drugs and domestic Violence. Yes it is a reality and I wish people could handle this crisis a different way instead towards each other. And I would love to do something about it but what? Is the question. What can I do? And I realize while I'm going through some major anxiety myself due to life changes and not smoking for a month and two weeks. The only thing I can do is focus and channel my feelings with painting and deliver positive messages through my paintings and share it with the world. The only way to deal  is to move forward, to keep going, to create. That even though the world outside seems to be falling apart and that also means everywhere, we all must keep going, believe and have the faith. And do what we love to make a difference. 

Yesterday I went to the beach after finishing a set of bracelets and had a virgin pina colada  and sat getting ready to write down my thoughts. The man who prepared the drink and spoke great English started talking about the negativity of Puerto Rico due to the economy, the government, theft and so on. And how foreigners are moving invading the island. He went on and on and on. And knowing that I recovering slowly from panic and anxiety, the last thing I want to hear is negativity. My heart started beating fast and doubt came in thinking , did we made a mistake coming here. I could not stop thinking. I wanted to run and I finally left. I went home and took breathing exercises. I never been so scared like this before and I ask myself why now! I was always aware about the dangers but to feel this dramatically frighten felt strange unrealistic. I bought a book on how to calm yourself when suffering from a panic and anxiety attack. Meditating breathing creating walking on the beach with my dog, talking to my hubby , connecting with friend and family helps a great deal!!!! Anxiety is a horrible feeling. Well hope I did not bore you guys! I will open my store Saturday afternoon!

I miss being here creating talking and sharing with all of you! 
Let's create love and believe with heart wide open

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