Saturday, June 22, 2013

To explore and expand in art helps to break through art block

Laying in the moonlight Necklace 

A new art in stitches necklace done in cotton canvas fabric. The image is painted with Fabric paints called SoSoft. Love love these Paints. Also Featuring decor fabric, Rose wine thread and a light pastel green suede cord. Below the fabric pendant I also added these lovely ribbon cords with colorful beads and charms complimenting the colors of her face. Another beautiful touch - I attached in the moon light Ribbon coiled around the suede cord. The beautiful necklace falls right below the chest.

♥ ♥ ART!

I love to explore and experiment with art to see how far I can go in creating beautiful things that make my soul happy. I love to grow and learn. It's wonderful creating my characters in a wearable fashion. It is fun to do and wonderful to see my images take shape. 

I haven't been painting much, been stuck in that area. So instead of feeling down in the dumps and depressed about it, why not use my creativilty to explore more. It opens up my mind, takes me in a different direction of whimsy and playfulness. And I always say, I can do what ever my heart and hands wants me to do because it will make me happy. I love it when Art takes me in another level and I love that.

A Mermaid's Treasure Embroidery Art Necklace pouch 

Love love love this necklace. One of a kind! It's whimsy Colorful full of magic pouch stitched with love. It is all done in decor fabric, featuring little silver bell at the end of the navy blue zipper. At the center you will see a blue tiny fish charm and burgundy port wine cord. It is comfortable and beautiful to wear. 

Art Little colorful stories Workshop

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