Sunday, November 29, 2009

Me and Colors within me, rise!

Hello Everyone! Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I hope you all did!!
I had a nice Thanksgiving with my hubby's family and friends. It's been two weeks since my last post. And the reason I haven't posted - I'm been sad moody and resting taking care of my leg. But I will be posting more paintings. It's a bit hard to get around with a broken ankle especially the stairs but I managed how to go down and up the stairs carefully. At first, I was a bit scared that I might injure my leg but I managed to do it. I have to wait to 6 weeks to take my cast off and this week the doctor will take off my stitches, ouch! I'm a big baby when it comes to pain! I don't like pain. The day I went to Main which is 6hrs away from home - I was real excited to see Kate and Jeff. Kate is hubby's sister who I dig very much and her boyfriend is a sweetheart. Well Saturday afternoon we decide to go to the beach with the puppies and watch the sunset - unfortunately half of that day did not go well. As I was trying to go over some slippery rocks and seaweed - some how my right foot got caught in drift wood and lost my balance and CRACK my ankle broke in three places. It was the most horrible pain I ever felt. I screamed my head off crying like a little baby. Well, the ambulance arrived and 8 men came and put me on a stretcher board and carried me out walking over large rocks. It was a long way to the ambulance. I was on Morphine so I was loopy loopy. Suddenly my hubby George yells out Maggie Maggie a seal, look a seal! It was the cutest seal I ever seen. And the sunset was beautiful!! Even though I broke my ankle I must say I had a blast in the hospital for two days. And I don't like hospitals but this one was very special because of all the nurses, the EMT and the hippie doctor who operated on my leg was so cool. They were all so kind funny caring sweet. There was a nurse named Lesley who sang a song in Spanish. She was my day nurse. And George was just so beautiful to take care of me during those two days. We goofed around and ate a lot of jello and pudding.
Well, I'm home and event hough I been so grumpy, I haven't lost my sense of humor. I feel better! It's going to be a busy week. I have a gallery show coming in on the 8th of Dec - so I have lots of work to do + more paintings for my itsy Etsy Shop - WITH CHRISTMAS JUST AROUND THE CORNER I WILL BE POSTING A SURPRISE SOON, VERY SOON!!!
This is an abstract painting done in acrylic mix media on 140lb cold press watercolor paper 6x8

Colors within me, rise!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

whimsical paintings on wood blocks mounted on wood panel!

I had these on my wall and wanted to join them together as a group and here are the pieces.
fits just perfectly!! I love them!!

Now each wood block measures 5x5 together as you can see here measures 10x10 on wood panel 11x12 in a half.

Painted in acrylic directly on wood.

Title of piece
I flow and spill in Love's embrace!

This cute and wonderful piece are done in acrylic directly on wood blocks - each piece measures 5x5 mounted on wood panel - 6x12
Born in wild colors of her womb!

Another piece I put together is also done in this medium acrylic on wood block measuring 5x5 mounted on wood panel 6x17 in a half

Explore the roads in the sky!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A change of heart and When I dive in color I am free!

This piece is done in Pigma Micron o3 archival ink pen and Higgins permanent black ink for back drop on 100% rag stonehenge paper mounted on wood cradle baltic birch face - 12 x12
A change of heart!

Aw she needs a heart replacement, she is all heart broken but don't you worry - the fish king has a remedy for that, a new heart to life.

This abstract piece is mix media acrylic pastel and collage on wood cradle baltic birch face

I call this piece
When I dive in color I am free!
It was such a blast creating this piece free free free!! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all my pieces because I'm free but this one in particular makes me stir color crazy!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two paintings in ink and Accordion book!

Another piece done Pigma Micron o3 archival ink pen and Higgins permanent black ink for back drop painted on100% rag stonehenge paper image10x101/2 with white boarder around the image actual size 12x12
Me so pretty!
This piece is done in Pigma Micron o3 archival ink pen and Higgins permanent black ink for back drop on 100% rag stonehenge paper - image measuring 10x11 with white boarder around image- so the actual size is 12 x12
Toy Emma is ALIVE!

This is an Accordion Book with 13 pages I created - paper 100% rag - measuring 31/2 x 31/2 in Pigma Micron o3 archival ink pen and Higgins permanent black ink for back drop - My favorite pen for inking.

I call this book
Moods that make our day!
Months ago I did two wooden boxes painted with three characters on this subject- Because we are affected by our moods everyday it inspired me to do another piece in a little Accordion Book.
Moods that make us wonder moods, that makes us cry, moods that makes embrace, happy and love, moods that makes angry and frustrated, moods that makes us want to flee and explore - and moods that makes us peaceful. These moods also inspires us to paint, to write, to dance, to some awesome lyrics . We channel certain moods by embracing them and getting down to root of the problem. And once we do, we feel much better taking it one step at a time. Treat yourself kind!

Moods that makes us excited!

Moods that makes us wonder and feel lovely!

Moods that makes us say Wow I can do that and Moods that makes us feel overwhelmed!

Moods that makes us feel inspired and Moods that makes us get into perspective!

Moods that makes us smile and Moods that makes us sad!

Moods that makes us want to play and Moods that makes us want to cry!

Moods that makes us loving and happy and Moods that makes us pull away!

The End

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello again! mORE Prints and Prints on wood blocks!!

this littlle itsy print is on spanish cedar wood block measuring - 5x5 and thickness 1inch
I kept one for myself!!

From original piece - class of the arts!
Below you will see print on block at different angles
And more itsy 5x5 blocks soon! Painting was printed on thick cardstock paper- the colors are vibrant and beautiful!!
On Etsy tonight!

Another painting printed on thick cardstock paper measuring image 9x 11 mounted on stonehenge 100% rag paper
From original piece colores colores millones de colores!

This piece is from original painting called class of the arts - AS you can see here the painting was divided into two parts- original piece was sold. It came out beautiful!!
Print which Measures 10x10 was mounted on 100% rag stonehenge paper - 12x12
Piece called class of the arts part 2

Another wonderful colorful piece sold - later was printed on thick cardstock- image 11x12 mounted to 100% stonehenge rag paper all prints are sign and dated
From original piece Our lovely imperfections!

Last but not least class of the arts part 1 was also printed on thick cardstock image 10x11 mounted on 12 x12 100% rag paper sign and dated.

Piece Class of the arts part 1

Thursday, November 12, 2009

class of the arts!

This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal protected with fixative on 100% rag stonehenge paper white boarder around image - measures 12x24

Meet Class Of The Arts!

I remember when I was in college FIT university in NYC for seven year. I had so much fun there!! Every morning at about 6am getting ready for class at 7:45am. I first had coffee and cream cheese bagel and talk to friends in the hallway and carrying my art supplies and sketch pad to life drawing class.

It was fun fun!! I took illustration for two years fine arts for another two years, toy design for two more years and then a year of liberal arts. English, writing, history and computer animation was my favorite!! Years do go by so fast!!

It was fun working for Tyco! creating toys for kids.

Friends were so cool and hip and great artists!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our lovely imperfections - Second painting - A little bird told me about love!

Rich color and charcoal line this piece is done in acrylic sprayed with fixative and Matt Varnish. This coat allows the charcoal not to smear- protecting the paper. The paper is 100% rag stonehenge paper great for all mediums and love the grain - 11x12
I call this piece
Our lovely imperfections!

I had so much fun doing this piece - done in acrylic on 100% rag stonehenge paper measures -16x22
title of piece
A little bird told me about love!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Everyone!! more whimsy paintings!! The Queen celebrates the art of being!

LoVe lOVe !!! tHIs oNe vERy MucH AnD tHe OnE bElOw It. LoVe thE cOloRs - sO vIbRANt aNd FiLL wITh LifE. I HaD SO mUcH FuN!!!!!!!!
dOnE In AcRyLiC AnD ChArCoAl On ViNcEnT RoSiNnI 140LB cOlD PrESS wAtErcOlOr PApEr 8x10
I call ThiS PiEce
The Queen celebrates the art of being!
And it goes a little like this
Feel like a Queen, act like a queen. A Queen treats herself with love. A queen enjoys what she loves. A Queen celebrates the art of being! We are all goddesses of art.

I tell you how my weekend went hmmmmm! let's see, I spend printing lots of paintings and it was fun to see how it all turned out and I was so thrilled happy and so excited about the prints. I usually do prints for myself. Then I decided why not do prints for my Etsy shop! I love to sell originals. There's a story why I love to sell original paintings. I have this theory! Well I had this theory. When it comes to buying art for myself I love owning an original piece. And it's because I'm fascinated with the feeling of texture, the whole process, the smell, the layers, the writing, the grain of paper, the paint- I mean everything! I saw a piece I Loved so much that I wanted it so bad but boo boo it was gone but there was a reproduction of it. I bought it, yes I did! I did did! When I received it a few days later, I was so happy with it - the colors were so beautiful, the image and the Story. Though I did not get to feel the gift of the artist process I was so happy with my print!!
So I changed my whole perspective on Prints. Being at the printers was an exciting experience, I sold six on that day. I'm doing a children' s book and it will be filled with reproduction from the original work, no difference - with great high quality inks. So you see, I can't be picky!! I dig it!
And what about the art lovers who want my work! I can't say no, no,no no - I say yes yes yes!
Affordable prints for everyone YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and another thing before I forget which is important, very important!!! I got to thinking this weekend about pricing! I made a few mistakes but those mistakes teach you a lot about how to go about selling your art. I live my life doing what I love it's my 7 to 8 full time job. I do nothing else but that. And I plan to stick with what I love most in life so it's important to know the business aspect of it and not settle yourself short. Being on Etsy I've learned a great deal and still learning. I love it and love that I met such wonderful artists. My original pieces will be back to their normal reasonable price- so if you can't afford an original piece - I have prints!! And if you see a piece you love that isn't printed please don't hesitate. Convo me on Etsy or by email!! Not the larger pieces- I do have a few of those in mind but for now I will start with the smaller and medium pieces.


This is another piece I created with acrylic charcoal on Vincent Rossini 140lb cold press watercolor paper -9x12
Simply adore this one too!!
Title of piece
Colores colores, millones de colores que brillan el mundo con dulcura y cuando los colores brillan con la dulcura nuestros corazones brillan con amor, mucho Amor.
Colors colors, millions of colors illuminating the world and when the colors shine it's brilliance so does our hearts with love, lots of love!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS!! Available on Etsy tomorrow Sunday!

Did you miss an original that you loved? Want a print!! Here they are finally, yes!! I love how the prints turned out. I kept of course lots for myself. I met a writer yesterday who took a look at my work and loved it so much she bought 6 while I was waiting for my prints.
Yes lovely prints on Etsy soon!!

The itsy bitsy spill

Friday, November 6, 2009

loving youself no matter what!

Done in mix media acrylic and collage on 100% rag stonehenge paper -24x30

Love your self no matter what happens!
This is a commission piece I finished going to Portugal.
There is a reason why I call this piece love yourself no matter what happens. You see when it comes to love we question ourselves about the pain that might come with it. Well, that's true but what happens when you don't give yourself that chance to truly love someone, you end up missing out on the most beautiful feeling ever. Okay okay, love can be painful and sometimes is never perfect. But I tell you this when you fall in love with someone you just know when it's the right person sometimes we make mistakes and we end up being with the wrong people. I always say, when a relationship ends, it means it has run it's course.Take what you have learned and give yourself time to heal and reflect. Sometimes when we date someone and see little things that quite doesn't fit well and you end up lying to yourself that it will soon pass. I mean, it could be anything, little warnings, big warnings, no matter the warning big or small, pay attention. Those warnings we must really pay close attention. If you feel something is wrong - an intuition that tells you it isn't right - I say flee before it gets any further. It is our responsibility to take care of our hearts. It safes you from the headache and heart break. When you think you really know someone but really, you don't! My mother once said to me I remember - don't put your eggs in one basket save some for you- it doesn't mean to be in doubt and have constant distrust, that isn't love but to always go with the flow. If you find yourself always giving and not receiving the love you so deserve step back and take a closer look. Don't feel guilt or blame yourself. Do you deserve to be treated like you are not special? NO! because you are. Love is a beautiful thing but when you end up loosing yourself for someone - it isn't love. Later, it will turn into co- dependency. The best gift you can give yourself through out all this is your own love- love is the guidance to healing and the universe will be by your side helping you along the way. It's not worth giving up your life. So love yourself no matter what happens.

In the painting I added little letters. It explains how she feels when her husband decided that he wasn't in love with her anymore. And she says this: My love, for I gave you my heart and life years. I will not die for you, not today not ever, for I shall live and heal this broken heart. Here in my heart I still believe in the happiness that means to me is the best gift I give myself. In time my heart will heal, yes it will, yes! Making me stronger and loving all of me. To my life, to love, my happiness, to live truly in the now and never look back.

These itsy paintings below inspired by Loving yourself no matter what series!

Done in acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper - 8x10
protected with fixative and a coat of Matt varnish

I will be back with more itsy paintings and more surprises!!
Stay tune!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello Everyone!! I'm back from a nice relaxing stay low weekend. It did help to just do nothing to simply relax and knit. I feel better!! The coughing is still frogging up my throat but my chest feels much better, I can breath thanks to lemon tea, love, soup, sleeping and knitting - oh, and watching Small ville. Yep, I'm a fan of Superman. I LOVE IT- NON STOP ACTION. How was your weekend? Hope you guys had a nice one. I ate too much chocolate . It's November turkey month food food food! I love thanks giving for family and friends but I won't be having thanksgiving with mom this year. She makes the best Turkey ever Puerto Rican style I mean with rice and beans, sweet yams, potato salad, and homemade stuffing with cranberries, yum! I'm hungry now! Anyways here are more paintings I created this morning called love. I received so much love this weekend which made my Bronchitis better. Here's to AMOR - WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE THE BODY KNOWS TO HEAL.

These are done in acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper -6x8

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