Monday, May 24, 2010

More ink paintings!

It's the beginning of the week, Monday yikes! The art  show is this coming weekend busy busy week preparing for it, it's exciting! 
How are you guys! Hope you had a nice weekend! I want to let you know that I apologies for not visiting some of your blogs, know that I appreciate all your lovely comments and also know I been so busy trying to get things done. But I will get to your blogs eventually. I have not forgotten about you.
This is one of my pieces for the show!
I'm in love with my ink paintings very much! 
So I wanted to give you another peek on two of my new pieces for the show.
This one is called
The Journey

This one is quite out there which I simply love love!!! And it's called 
The naked Conversation
Also done in pen and ink on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper 11x15 with border around the image and will be sewn into canvas fabric.
I am working on another piece today similar to this piece but larger. I can feel myself growing each day as an artist. I love where I'm heading and it feels great!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pen and ink paintings

Mi cuerpo, mi alma, mi corazón en los brazos de los ángeles que me guían.
my body my spirit my heart in the arms of angels that guide me
Done in pen and ink on Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper 6x6  and will be sewn into canvas fabric.

Los niños expresar todo con los ojos
children express everything with their eyes
Done in pen and ink on Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper 6x6  and will be sewn into canvas fabric.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Lovely paintings!

I been work a lot as you can see. Also I been working on large black and white pieces for the show. I work on those at night,  I been having late nights. I love working at night while everyone is sleeping. So peaceful and no distractions. This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on 18x24 brown Indian paper protected with mate varnish. 
I call it 
I go where the colors take me

Another piece I finished, also done in the same medium on brown Indian paper 18x24
It's a bit different. I went wild that day. I just let myself go as you can see. I love it when I do that!
I go into another trance where the outside world doesn't exist but mine. I don't hear  a thing or see a thing but my own world. There I discover a lot about myself. I like it there. I discover that when I paint this way I am seeing  a whole different me unfolding.
I call it
My vision is clear

Well now this one is a totally out there. The Red Queen paid me a visit that  morning and it wasn't pleasant. I was cramping that day full of pain. hehehehehe! Scary isn't it, HA! !
I call it 
Bloody hell, I'm in pain!

These I love so much! There are all done in pen and ink - black and brown in which I love!
These small pieces are done on Vincent Rossini watercolor paper stitched on canvas fabric.
Have not named them yet!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I won an Award hehehehehehe!

Cindi from oldblackcatboo left me an award! She was given  
 10 questions to answer and then pass it on and I, was one of the chosen among four lovely bloggers. Cindi how could you, weep weep! hehehehehe! Well, here it goes.

1. What celebrity would you like to have as a real life sister or brother?
Answer: I'd say Maggie Gyllenhaal. She is fearless, fun and powerful. I never had a sister.

2. What was the first career you imagined for yourself when you were a kid?
Answer:  A painter living by the sea in Tuscany Italy

3. Given a free first class flight round trip anywhere--where would you go?
Answer: Barcelona Spain for sure!

4. Which character on Gilligan's Island are you most like?
Answer: It would have to be MaryAnn

5. What would you like to be famous for doing, making or being?
Answer: Hmmmm, let see! I'm known by the people who buy my work and that makes me happy!

6.  Who do you think is the most frighteningly influential and asanine person in the public eye?
Amswer: I'd say, Rush Limbaugh!  It's frightening that he's influential 

7. Are you  breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert person?
Answer: ohhhhh breakfast is my most favorite, gotta love homemade sweet potato waffles, yum!

8. Cheap mass produced beer? Import beer? Or local brewery?
Answer: I don't like beer period!

9. What do you most want to change about you, Physical? Mental? Spiritual? Emotional?

Answer: For a long time I use to dislike my body. Now that I'm taking good care of myself Ifeel good about my body.  Changing my diet!  Mentally, I'm a bit OCD yep!! And because I'm OCD I done so much research to learn more about it changing the way I think which Spiritually calms me and knowing that, makes me feel good. Emotionally feel great!. I challenge myself in all these areas and the results at the end makes me a strong and a better person. 

10. Boxers or briefs or boxer briefs? (for you or your man--depending on which sex you are)
     I love to wear boxers on hot summer nights.

Friday, May 14, 2010

More beautiful paintings

Done in acrylic and charcoal on Indian brown paper 18x24 
The piece is called
Unfold and you shall find it in the colors.
As I unfold myself I find deep hidden emotions in the colors. Some are sad with a slight shift of peacefulness and an out burst of awakening feelings. 

It's Friday everyone and it turned out to be a Spring bright sunny day! I been home all day painting and eating pop corn listening to trance house music. I have not done that in a very long time. Back when I was in College, I would stay in my room listening to house music and paint like crazy. Then If I wanted to dance to let go of stress because Of finals, on the weekend I would go to the clubs the Roxy or the limelight and dance dance for hrs. I had fun!!! In those times me and a few of my friends that are also artists would go and walk in east village of Manhattan and go to the Nuyorican  cafe and read poetry and have a blast! I was young full of energy and the late hrs of the night did not bother me. Now I don't do that anymore. I can't dance for hrs maybe for 30minutes and I'm done. That is enough for me but I have not danced  in a very long time. I dance at home! Now I'm 38yrs old, living in the country painting, gardening, with chickens, a cat, a dog name Brook and my Hubby George! And that is enough for me. I don't regret doing the fun things I did. I met lots of amazing artists who advised me and taught me great things about art.

This piece is smaller done in acrylic and charcoal as well on Vincent Rossini 140 watercolor paper with border sewn in 6x9
I call this piece
In a moment of need!

There are moments when we need each other to talk, to express what we feel, to simply laugh, to be silent, to know that you are not alone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

mother earth

Here's a new piece I want to share with you and it will be part of the art ritual exhibit May 29th. It's done in ink and acrylic on 300 Arches watercolor paper 24 x 30
I call it 
Listen to mother earth!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Loving our bodies!

Done in water color ink, acrylic, and graphite on 300 arches watercolor paper on 7x7 wood panel 
Embracing within!

Good day everyone! I been having so much fun painting a series of the human figure. I remember when I was in college I had a class of figure life drawing which I took twice a week and I loved it. I love painting the female form. For some reason I have a hard time drawing the male figure. And even though the male form is beautiful, I do enjoy very much the female form for the curves and beautiful delicate lines and the gracefulness it represents. Something so beautiful about our bodies,  it delivers a gift of life and it is sacred. You must protect it, you must love your body. When I see and hear women obsess over their bodies to be perfect by doing plastic surgery, by being bulimic, anorexic or exposing themselves in ways that give men the idea to have control and power over us it degrades us as women.  It puts us in situations of danger, it damages our sense of self, it destroys our spirit. A healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy body, a healthy self esteem. Loving your body is loving your self. And if you are afraid to get older. embrace it. It is part of life. Make it fun!!

let go!

Saving Grace!

The sacred temple!

Rays of the sun!

 Be calm within!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New paintings!

A sight of love and togetherness!
Saturday and it's raining again but this time I'm enjoying the rain showering all the lush green around me. It's beautiful and I feel great and new. It's so lovely to meet new artists who have come by to visit and see me work. It is nice to meet all you lovely women. It's quiet here at home and I'm enjoying the peace healing me while I recovering from the recent surgery. I feel great!!! Eating healthy, drinking herbal tea listening to music and painting what I love. Art is my healing! Your kind warm words are my healing as well. 
As you can see, my paintings have gone in a totally different direction. I love this piece for the beauty peacefulness and simplicity it represents . Mother and her children together embracing simply by saying with their eyes how they so love each other and how family is so important. Love without words. I adore it! 
Done in acrylic and charcoal on brown acid free Indian paper 18in.x24in.. I enjoy working with this paper.

 Another piece
A beauty of form 
This piece is done in acrylic and charcoal on brown acid free Indian paper 18in.x24in.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kiss and a big hug to you allllllllllllll!

I want to thank you all for leaving wonderful messages on my last post on Paper Cloth Scissors!
You heal me tremendously with your blessings and great humor that spark my days. I'm so happy to have you all as my buddies. You are all great women and gives great joy to share my feelings with you. 

So here I am, I'm back! I took a few days to ease down a bit, to simply relax and paint without the running around making errands and cleaning which I can sometimes obsess about. But This time I felt that everything can wait + my hubby helps get certain things in order. Can you believe it''s Thursday and my May show is coming Wow! I got to speed up now cause time is running short.  

Here's a piece I was working on yesterday on brown paper acid free great for acrylic and charcoal if you want that scratchy dry affect  which I love.
Size of piece 18in.x 24in.
It's called 
Taking care of each other
I have other paintings to post as well and that will be for tomorrow. As for now, I will leave you with this beautiful piece. 
A kiss from me to you!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Good Morning Everyone! I have an announcement I'm published in Paper Cloth Scissors yah!!!
I'm so happy to be part of this wonderful magazine. Thank you Barbara!  Saturday when I was in the hospital feeling loopy cause I just had another surgery again yikes! My George comes in with a package hands it to me and I opened it up and there I was. I was so exited!!! The nurses came in pumping me up with more  morphine because the pain was so great. I totally forgot about the pain and felt I was in cloud 9 and all I saw was these smiles up close. I could not stop talking!  I was so proud of myself! I felt I was floating in the air. 
The magazine is wonderful, full of all lovely art from all these great artists and I'm a part of that group. Months ago I thought, how I wish to be part of this,  to show the world what I love what I do. And here I am!
Thank you Paper Cloth Scissors!!!

I want to also thanks all my bloggy friends right here on blogspot and on Facebook - many thanks and many kisses and many air hugs to you all for supporting me the way you do. You guys heal me each day with your warm sweet kind inspiring wisdom and blessings! 
love you all!
You all rock!!!

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