Friday, November 12, 2010

Doodle fun Clutches!


Here I have for you the Doodle fun Clutch made in muslin acrylic and fabric markers. This beautiful whimsy clutch measures 10" x 6" and it's great for adding your pencils and pens when going out to doodle  or stay at home having fun at your studio. Want to keep your color pencils in a safe place, the doodle fun clutch is just perfect for all your small supplies!
I will be making more! 
It's Friday and it's a stay at home type of day. The sun beaming in through the window. My cat Sammy cozying warmly in his basket and I'm drinking coffee preparing to Doodle fun this day with awesome ideas. This morning I drove out to a cafe 13 miles away from home to simply sketch and enjoy this sunshine smile morning and I'm back refreshed and ready!
I will see you soon! Time to visit cool awesome blogs!
Bye now!

The back of the Amore clutch!

A whimsy fun day!
A whimsy fun day to to explore! 

The back

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