Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beautiful fabric pendants

 Hello everyone! Here I have new pieces to show you. I have been working on these pieces for the past two days and let me tell you it is amazing what you can do with fabric all together. The simplicity is just wonderful. The ability to  paint on fabric led me to also combine linen canvas paper and decorative fabric sewing them together. As I enjoy and embrace happy accidents during this process the imperfection of each piece presents a funkiness and wildness to them which I love. 

Now the fabric pendant measures exactly 3inches long and the 2inches wide. The hoop which is made out of strong hemp measures 19inches attaching the ends with end caps and silver parrot clasp. The pendant falls nicely  just below the neck.  The pendant presents a handmade whimsical treasure piece and it's lovely. Last but not least I call it the piece below

Colors attach to me

This one is called 
Out to see my colors of the day

This one is called
Colors that speaks of your nature

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