Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kisses and hugs for my lovely bloggers!

Happy New Year 2011!!!!
Hope you guys  had a lovely night last night! I stayed home. I bought a bottle of wine cooked dinner and stayed home. It was lovely! My resolution for this year is to finally finish my children's book. Well there are several - One, finish the book, learn more about business and be more confident! How about you? This year I will make it a point a focus to finish my book which I been meaning to do but haven't had the time. But I will! Today I painted an illustration for part of the book and I'm pleased! 
Here I have for you the January issue #2 Art is Freedom. There are 16 brilliant pages of beautiful images and stories to inspire and lift the spirit. Also I made a clutch to go with it. The clutch is a reproduction from the original piece and it came out beautiful. You will have a choice. Book with clutch or just book, or clutch!
Below is a presentation of the book. I will be listing the book today. Know that some of the pages won't be listed due to not having enough space to upload. And if you want to know what you are purchasing you can always come here and see. Enjoy!!!
The best in the new year for all of you!
Art is freedom!
front page
Live an artful life

Art is where the heart burn and rest. Share with the  world what you love.

Art is poetry. To be open, to feel, to see, to learn and to love

Embrace your new journey and fly

My lovely Mythologies . The Journey.
Trust and be on your way to artful discoveries

Be free and paint your world as you see it

Love art, my heart and  your heart!

Be free!

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