Friday, November 6, 2009

loving youself no matter what!

Done in mix media acrylic and collage on 100% rag stonehenge paper -24x30

Love your self no matter what happens!
This is a commission piece I finished going to Portugal.
There is a reason why I call this piece love yourself no matter what happens. You see when it comes to love we question ourselves about the pain that might come with it. Well, that's true but what happens when you don't give yourself that chance to truly love someone, you end up missing out on the most beautiful feeling ever. Okay okay, love can be painful and sometimes is never perfect. But I tell you this when you fall in love with someone you just know when it's the right person sometimes we make mistakes and we end up being with the wrong people. I always say, when a relationship ends, it means it has run it's course.Take what you have learned and give yourself time to heal and reflect. Sometimes when we date someone and see little things that quite doesn't fit well and you end up lying to yourself that it will soon pass. I mean, it could be anything, little warnings, big warnings, no matter the warning big or small, pay attention. Those warnings we must really pay close attention. If you feel something is wrong - an intuition that tells you it isn't right - I say flee before it gets any further. It is our responsibility to take care of our hearts. It safes you from the headache and heart break. When you think you really know someone but really, you don't! My mother once said to me I remember - don't put your eggs in one basket save some for you- it doesn't mean to be in doubt and have constant distrust, that isn't love but to always go with the flow. If you find yourself always giving and not receiving the love you so deserve step back and take a closer look. Don't feel guilt or blame yourself. Do you deserve to be treated like you are not special? NO! because you are. Love is a beautiful thing but when you end up loosing yourself for someone - it isn't love. Later, it will turn into co- dependency. The best gift you can give yourself through out all this is your own love- love is the guidance to healing and the universe will be by your side helping you along the way. It's not worth giving up your life. So love yourself no matter what happens.

In the painting I added little letters. It explains how she feels when her husband decided that he wasn't in love with her anymore. And she says this: My love, for I gave you my heart and life years. I will not die for you, not today not ever, for I shall live and heal this broken heart. Here in my heart I still believe in the happiness that means to me is the best gift I give myself. In time my heart will heal, yes it will, yes! Making me stronger and loving all of me. To my life, to love, my happiness, to live truly in the now and never look back.

These itsy paintings below inspired by Loving yourself no matter what series!

Done in acrylic and charcoal on Vincent Rossini 140lb watercolor paper - 8x10
protected with fixative and a coat of Matt varnish

I will be back with more itsy paintings and more surprises!!
Stay tune!

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