Monday, July 20, 2009


This piece is painted in acrylic gesso charcoal on rough bogus brown paper mounted on wood block
9x12 protected with fixative and varnished


Is easy to not deal, is easy to blame, is easy to run away and not face the problems within family. everything gets buried under the rug, pretending that everything is okay. If you stay quiet and not make a fuss eventually it will disappear. Well, it doesn't! I believe in family and believe in facing problems when they arise. Is about unity, about being a team, about not losing yourself, is about love, about communicating as painful as it might be, at the end it has it's reward because it means growing up means taking responsibility, is about being stronger, means taking care of your kids, is about taking the good with the bad. Is about not giving up. Is so easy to give up and not give a shit! that's right, not give a shit! I was brought up in a dysfunctional family once and believe me it took me years to let go of that pain I saw. Having to see my mother suffer the way she did affected me greatly. Sometimes it happens and you try to do everything in your power to make it right. I must say even though she suffered so much she never stopped loving us. She realized that taking care of herself was important and taking care of us was worth living. She did a good job. Family is about taking care of each other no matter what, even if your father goes away and never comes back.
Due to not having enough cash flow prints will be delayed for a long while. And I'm not happy with the way the color prints are printed in Staples + I'm not happy with the service. I prefer Kinkos but unfortunately their destination is quite very far from me. So I will be selling only originals. The good news! when an original is sold the person will be given an addition 3x3 original painting on wood block. So if you love a piece a gift will be added with the shipping.

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