Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To wonder and believe with eyes open

watercolor and collage on watercolor paper

Protest- ''protect the world! ''

done in watercolor and collage

My life in all the colors of the world!

done in watercolor


done in watercolor
Smile! my mom says, we're going to church. Of all the dresses, she picks the one I truly disliked, the flower purple dress, hehehe! I love this painting! It truly captures the embarrassment that I was in with a smile. I think I have a a skirt just like it. I love dresses now, even pink and purple.

I don't want to go!

done in watercolor
I spoke to my momma today for an hour talking about life and remembering the times I was a kid. She would dress me up in these funny clothes to go to church and school. We laughed about how I didn't want go anywhere in these funny clothes that she laid out for me, especially the pink and purple dresses. You see, I was a little tomboy, wore my converse sneakers, my baggy pants and doodle in my notebook with her nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick. She had to get a new set of makeup by the end of the week, and when she did, she hid them and bought me a set of watercolors and pencils. Oooh, my childhood, love you mom!

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